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Use our complimentary e-WB service to manage waybills and CUV wagon notes paperlessly.

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e-WB—a closer look

With our 100% paperless e-WB service, you can send and print waybills, make it easier to exchange transport documents, and make your data processing more reliable. Why choose e-WB?

It’s fast:

  • shipment pick-up information is processed immediately for efficient wagon management
  • support features and prefilled templates speed up document preparation

It’s easy:

  • key information from your contract is pre-entered
  • e-WB is free, and it’s available 24/7
  • you enter data into a single CIM/CUV* form, accessible on line for any shipment in France or Europe
  • you can view your waybills at any time

It’s secure:

  • an authentication system restricts use of your contract data

*CIM: Contract of International Carriage of Goods by Rail
CUV: Uniform Rules concerning Contracts of Use of Vehicles in International Rail Traffic

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