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Fret SNCF—our expertise

We’re the largest rail freight operator in France—and with our Captrain network, we’re the third largest in Europe. Our experts can design the customized freight solutions your business needs.

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The right expertise for every market

Your Fret SNCF adviser works with you to design an offer that meets your requirements for weight, volume* and responsiveness. Whatever your line of business, we’ve got the expertise you need.

Do you need a provider that can adapt to fluctuating volumes? No problem. We can create a customized offer that’s right for any situation.

*Weight and volume may vary from train to train.

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24/7 tracking

Our sales teams are ready to help you meet your challenges, both locally and internationally. We’re present throughout France, and our offices are open 24/7, so we can track your shipments in real time.

We also offer a range of e-services you can use to manage your entire transport chain, from placing your order to tracking your shipments.

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Comprehensive logistics offer

In addition to our rail expertise, we can handle any type of logistics challenge. Count on us for supplemental services such as trucking, unloading and Fercam*, as well as on-site services including shunting, maintenance, and equipment rental.

*Fercam is a rail-to-road logistics service that rounds out your primary transport with pickup at origin and/or delivery at destination.

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Responsible innovation—the core of our business

We work hard to innovate and optimize our performance—which is why Fret SNCF is a key player in Europe’s rail renaissance. Our goal? To offer you ever more efficient, ever more competitive services—and to shrink our environmental footprint along the way.

We’re innovating every day—by using geolocation technology, optimizing wagon management and digitizing ground operations, by making trains longer and convoys more aerodynamic, by using electric locomotives and more.

End-to-end offer

We work with Captrain and other partners to offer all the services you need, right across Europe.

We handle shipping operations and track your cargo end-to-end. Choose Fret SNCF for access to:

  • an extensive network
  • complementary transport modes
  • support through the last mile

The right solution for your operations in Europe

A single carrier for all your needs

Wherever you’re shipping from or to, Fret SNCF is the only contact you’ll need.

Less hassle at the border

We sharpen your competitive edge with customers, consolidating your shipments so they cross borders more easily. And through our partnerships with Captrain and other logistics operators, we offer end-to-end international transport as well.

Customized tracking

Information about your order is available 24/7—just contact customer service or visit our customer portal.

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About the Captrain network

Captrain is the European brand for rail transport by SNCF Logistics. Backed by a decade of experience in European markets, the network covers major North-South and East-West corridors.

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Our European network

Thanks to our presence on Europe’s main corridors, we cover the continent from West to East and North to South:

  • from Poland to Germany and on to the Benelux
  • along the Romania/Hungary/Italy corridor
  • from the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Hamburg to destinations in Germany, Eastern Europe and Italy
  • from Spain to Northern Europe

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Cross-functional services

Let us make you more competitive with our innovative, high-performance services. We can:

  • handle last-mile delivery—to sidings, warehouses and terminals
  • assess and maintain track for clients with industrial sidings services
  • help you set up and design your rail facilities
  • provide on-site logistics services (loading & unloading)
  • provide shunting locomotives and specialized drivers
  • manage wagon movements, train formation and safety operations
  • maintain and repair rolling stock at six Captrain sites throughout Germany and Italy
  • help you improve your logistics performance

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We're with you every step of the way

Some 2,500 Fret SNCF employees monitor regulatory compliance, watching out for irregularities from loading to sorting. They provide customized solutions and advice, conducting inspections, and recommending training as needed—all to ensure the integrity of your shipment. In fact, we inspect the loading of every wagon we handle before it’s cleared for transport.

Constant vigilance

Présence Fret, a team of five freight management experts, monitors your dangerous goods 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the event of bad weather or unexpected delays, Présence Fret immediately informs all parties, as well as national authorities if necessary.

Our commitment to you

We keep your shipments safe by:

  • inspecting wagons regularly
  • using safety procedure to prevent malicious acts
  • providing updated training for specialized Fret SNCF employees every two years to maintain their advanced expertise
  • maintaining a network of regional experts trained to detect and resolve irregularities
  • being audited every three years under SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment System), an independent quality control system for the rail sector.

(SQAS) Indicator: Fret SNCF scored 97.25% in May 2016

Like any business that transports dangerous goods, Fret SNCF complies with RID regulations on the carriage of dangerous goods by rail. We also comply with the Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS) established by the Council for the European Federation of the Chemical Industry (CEFIC).

On our most recent SQAS audit, conducted by the French national standards authority Afnor in May 2016, Fret SNCF scored 97.25%, and our quality/safety certification was renewed for three years.

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