Our full-train offer

Need high-capacity freight transport? Fret SNCF operates regular rail service that can meet your needs. And we can transport your cargo anywhere in France or Europe, thanks to our Captrain network and other international partners.

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Meeting your needs—in France and across Europe

Fret SNCF can adapt to any volume or transport specifications. We offer a wide range of solutions—rail traction, at-border train assembly, comprehensive shipment tracking, rolling stock and more.

With our full-trainload offer, you can count on:

  • guaranteed daily capacity for any kind of cargo
  • guaranteed on-time delivery
  • the right service and capacities for your needs

We also offer a comprehensive range of logistics services, including supply chain management.

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Need customized advice?

Your dedicated contact will:

  • manage your orders proactively
  • route your trains efficiently
  • monitor your shipments and assure shipping quality

Contact us

Contact the Fret SNCF adviser for your industry

Jean Colas
E-mail: jean.colas@sncf.fr

Pierre-Alain Le Ster
E-mail: pierre-alain.lester@sncf.fr

Ordering made easy

We offer a 24/7 on-line ordering service, available in 5 languages.

Use it to:

  • place orders
  • manage pick-ups and shipments
  • track Fret SNCF’s compliance with deadlines and other commitments
  • access all information connected with your order

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