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Long steel products

Need a robust, reliable, responsive transport solution for your long steel products?  We offer innovative solutions that are tailored to your needs—and your logistics operations.

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The right solution for your destination

Come to Fret SNCF for customized transport solutions, whether you’re shipping to an end customer or to one of your own plants.

The right solution for your cargo

With our transport offer and rolling stock, you can ship a wide variety of products—beams, track, billet, rod, section, rebar, sheet pile, welded mesh, merchant or special bar and more. 

We can transport track up to 120 metres long—and that’s just one example.

We’ve got the right wagon for your shipment.

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Meeting your needs Europe-wide

Facing Europe-wide logistics challenges? We’ve got the solution. Working with Captrain, our network of European companies, we guarantee end-to-end transport—no transshipment required.

Find out what Fret SNCF can do for you.

The resources you need

With our skilled personnel and wide range of rolling stock, Fret SNCF can guarantee reliability, robust solutions and strong on-time performance. Our skills and expertise are at your service: come to us for support, advice and integrated logistics solutions.
With Fret SNCF, you get a diversified offer that meets your capacity needs, your logistics requirements, and your delivery deadlines. Choose from:

With Optifret, we can ship your goods—on predetermined days at predetermined times—using residual capacity aboard freight trains that have already been chartered. It’s particularly cost-effective if you normally ship via road or waterway.

We’ve tested Optifret successfully along a major rail corridor linking northern and eastern France, and are now expanding it to the rest of France and major international corridors.

Our commitment to quality

Our sales team for coal and steel is certified under ISO 9001:2015—a measure of our commitment to putting customers first in everything we do.

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We’re at your service. Contact the Fret SNCF specialist for your industry.

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