Looking for a responsive partner to handle your mineral and sand shipments? We offer dedicated wagons with optimum capacity—just what your market needs.

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Reliable, regular shipping across Europe

Need to ship minerals in Europe? No problem. We can craft a customized solution from any origin to any destination.

With our dedicated trainsets:

  • we guarantee that your shipments will arrive on time. Our dedicated fleet is calibrated to your needs and always available—and there’s no need for cleaning between journeys.
  • we pre-plan your rotations for reliable delivery and 24/7 tracking

Shipping made easy

Need to serve multiple starting and ending points within your company? We make it easy by grouping your wagons by destination and delivering materials when and where you need them–seamlessly.

Capacity and flexibility

We adapt our offer and our operations to your needs. Whether you’re shipping sand, silica, quartz or gypsum, we offer a range of transport solutions that are highly responsive to fluctuating volumes.

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Our full-train offer

If you need to ship large volumes of minerals over long distances, our full-train offer is the solution. Relax and let our robust, high-capacity fleet do the work

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Supplemental logistics services

And we don’t just move your goods from A to B. We also provide full-service logistics, including unloading, storage and shunting operations in your sidings.

Explore our logistics support solutions.


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Jean Colas

E-mail: jean.colas@sncf.fr