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With our secure OrderTracking system, you can track your shipments 24/7. And it’s free.

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OrderTracking—a closer look

Use this complimentary, 24/7 service to access a wide range of information in real time:

  • follow your freight step by step, in France and across Europe, whether you choose MLMC single-wagon service or full trainload
  • use SuiviCommande to track via MLMC single wagon or full trainload, all the way to final delivery
  • know your estimated delivery date as soon as your shipment departs
  • have e-mail sent directly to you whenever there’s an incident, so you can rework your logistics strategy faster
  • receive shipment information for your full-trainload shipments as soon as you book your order
  • use the MLMC single-wagon tracker to monitor the progress of your priority wagons

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