Ore, solid fuels and co-products

Need robust, reliable, flexible transport solutions for your ore, solid fuels and co-products? Fret SNCF has the right transport offer for your needs—in France and across Europe.

Custom-tailored rail freight solutions

Choose Fret SNCF to transport your coal, coke, anthracite, pellets, limestone, slag, lime or similar products? Our comprehensive, flexible service can adapt to your changing output.

End-to-end support

Whether you’re shipping to another country or simply between plants, we’ll work with you to develop a custom offer and design a plan that meets your transport needs.

Our knowledge of national and international infrastructure gives us a solid presence in Europe, and we deliver even more coverage across the continent by working with Captrain, our European network.

And thanks to the expertise of our sales team, our strategic presence close to borders, and our range of international transport options, we offer a wide range of shipping solutions backed by outstanding service.

Robust and flexible

If you’re juggling high volumes, fast-paced demand and urgent shipping deadlines, you’re in the right place. We can handle them.

Our targeted solutions are designed to meet every need: 

  • full trainloads
  • heavy trains
  • single wagons (MLMC)

And with our MLMC offer, we can ship even your smallest volumes, giving you the flexibility you need.

Learn more about our single-wagon (MLMC) offer

Learn more about our full-trainload offer

End-to-end logistics offer

We can handle your loading and unloading needs, even if your site isn’t linked to the rail network. We also offer logistics solutions with last-mile coverage—through our Fercam* service, for example—and a variety of storage options. And if you need temporary storage, we can handle that, too. 

*If your site doesn’t have a rail link, choose our Fercam service for a comprehensive, end-to-end solution, including road transport before and after your shipment’s rail itinerary.

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