Public works and civil engineering

Do you need high-capacity transport to supply customers or your own production sites? Are you looking for optimum delivery turnaround to keep product flowing to factories, asphalt plants, and construction sites? At Fret SNCF, we work with you to design the right solutions for your project.

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The right offer for your market

At Fret SNCF, we adapt to the demands of your market and your individual needs:

  • just-in-time delivery
  • high volumes
  • limited storage

And we can ship your materials to: 

  • industrial sites
  • storage platforms
  • customer project sites

Serving customers across Europe

We deliver your shipments throughout Europe, under our partnership with the members of the Captrain network. By combining our expertise with theirs, we expand our reach across international borders, transporting goods to and from

  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and beyond

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Customized, end-to-end service

We're your sole contact, from the beginning of your project right through to the end. You’ll benefit from:

  • our logistics assets and expertise
  • our shunting know-how

We work with you, tailoring our transport and service offers to each of your projects:

  • transport from the quarry to the stations closest to your delivery sites
  • rail-only transport
  • end-to-end delivery with Fercam, our road-rail service

Find out what we can do for you

Learn more about our logistics support offer

Learn more about our partner, Fercam

A key player in leading projects

Fret SNCF is actively involved in Canal Seine North, Grand Paris and other high-profile projects. And as part of our commitment to end-to-end transport solutions, we contribute to targeted public works and civil engineering research, such as simulation tools to help plan the supply of aggregates to the Paris region over the next 30 years.

We’re at your service

Our sales teams combine solid experience in French and European rail freight with extensive knowledge of your market. We transport several million metric tons of aggregates and cement for industry leaders annually, so we know quarry products inside out.

And we have four regional sales offices in:

  • Lille
  • Lyon
  • Bordeaux
  • Paris

The trains you need

We have the transport assets you need for your quarry products. With our weekly shuttles, you can plan your turnaround times and avoid delays in supplying your industrial plants and project sites.

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The flexibility you want

Need to change your itinerary to supply a project site? Fret SNCF teams can quickly suggest an alternative that meets the requirements of your new delivery site.

Need to meet new demands for cargo delivery or removal? We’ll work with SNCF Réseau to find the best solution for you, adjusting your shipments to meet your needs from day to day.

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We’re at your service. Contact the Fret SNCF specialist for your industry today.

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