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Our single-wagon offer

If you regularly ship small volumes of cargo that don’t require a full train, we’ve got the solution for you—single-wagon (MLMC) service to over 800 French and European destinations. It’s the only offer of its kind in Europe.

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Meeting your needs—in France and across Europe

Whether you’re a regional player or a multinational corporation, Fret SNCF can work within your constraints:

  • we guarantee daily capacity for all types of cargo when you place a shipping order
  • we adjust wagon volume to reflect your day-to-day needs

When you choose our single-wagon (MLMC) offer, you can count on:

  • a firm delivery date
  • a limited carbon footprint that reflects your commitment to the environment
  • safe shipping, especially for customers in the chemicals industry (SQAS standard)

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Ordering made easy

We offer a 24/7 on-line ordering service, available in 5 languages.

Use it to:

  • place orders
  • manage your shipments
  • track our progress in meeting our commitments to you
  • access all of the information for your order

Learn more about our on-line MLMC ordering tool

European alliance

Since 1 January 2018, SNCF has been a member of Xrail, the European alliance for single-wagon freight transport. Xrail uses an end-to-end capacity-booking platform to offer a competitive, sustainable alternative to road transport of freight cargo.

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