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With our TrainOrder e-service, it’s easy to place your full-trainload orders on line.

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TrainOrder—a closer look

With TrainOrder, placing full-trainload orders on line is fast and easy. Use this 24/7 service to:

  • select the right shipments and input templates from your personalized catalogue
  • enter date and volume data and send us your orders online
  • place new orders easily—information in your catalogue is automatically transferred to new orders
  • group more orders together, and place them further in advance
  • designate the individuals who are authorized to place your orders and set conditions for creating, changing or cancelling orders, based on origin, destination and goods carried—features that make your in-house operations more efficient as well
  • change or cancel orders on line up to the last minute—as late as 12.00 on the day before the wagon delivery date

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