In partnership with our subsidiaries, we work hard every day to deliver results for businesses and regions—in France and around the world. Here’s a sampling of our achievements.

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Customized local service with Geodis

In the Médoc region of France, our Geodis subsidiary delivers comprehensive logistics services for a prestigious winemaker.

In a 7,000-sq m warehouse, we receive wine in tanks, store it in vats, and bottle it. We then prepare the bottles for packaging and transfer to the shipping point.

It’s high-end, customized services like these that make Geodis a powerful force for regional growth in France.

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World’s top animal-feed maker chooses Ermewa

When the global leader in animal feed needed a specialized shipper for Europe, SNCF Logistics subsidiary Ermewa Group won the business.

Ermewa’s solution included designing and developing custom wagons that comply with European regulations. We then moved up to full-scale manufacturing, leasing wagons for five-year periods, overseeing maintenance and repairing them as needed.

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Promoting sustainable development at TFMM

Captrain, a member of the TFMM family of companies, carried nine 55-metre wind turbine blades by train from Germany to Denmark. The rail journey took only 20 hours—versus 72 hours by road—and cost 15% less.

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