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SNCF Logistics offers a wide range of services through three subsidiaries— Geodis, TFMM and Ermewa Group—with nine specialities. Find out what we can do for you.

Air and maritime freight forwarding

Freight forwarders ship cargo to destinations all over the world, creating the best possible combination of air, sea and other transport modes over very long distances. Container ships and cargo planes are still the most frequently used modes of transport.

Targeted services

We’re growing our portfolio of services so you can focus on your business and let us handle administrative issues for your European shipments. Services include customs formalities, insurance, packaging, labelling, storage and final distribution, plus order-picking, quality control, post-delivery services, industrial site supply—and even mid-life and end-of-life product recycling.

And with Industrial Projects by Geodis, you can overcome your complex global transport challenges. Solutions range from complex multimodal freight transport to oversized or heavy loads—we can even move an entire factory.

Rail freight forwarding

In Europe and Asia, Forwardis makes rail and multimodal transport easy. We design and deploy end-to-end solutions based on an extensive range of à la carte services, including:

  • handling
  • supplying wagons and containers
  • transhipment
  • inventory management
  • pre- and post-shipping operations
  • regulatory and customs formalities

Forwardis also manages a fleet of river barges on Europe’s leading waterways.

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Road, rail and multimodal road-rail


Use road transport to ship bundled parcels, full and partial loads, bulk cargo, site-to-site distribution, specialized transport for chemicals and automobiles and more. And for delivery of small parcels (0‑30 kg), there’s Geodis’s Distribution & Express business line.

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Need delivery in 24-48 hours? France Express can meet your needs—from one parcel to many, and from 1 gram to 1 metric ton—anywhere in the world.

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Meeting your parcel delivery needs—down to the last mile.

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Safe, optimized road transport of packaged and bulk goods

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Rail freight transport

Rail transport is an excellent option for routine, high-volume shipments over long distances, within France or abroad. We offer a diverse portfolio of tailored solutions for transport and logistics operators:

  • traction services for high-volume trains
  • single wagons
  • residual capacity solutions and oversized loads
  • logistics operations at industrial sites

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If you need freight or logistics services originating in France, please contact Fret SNCF or VFLI. If you need services originating in another European country, contact Captrain.

Multimodal transport with Naviland Cargo

Combined rail-road transport is the solution of the future, reducing CO2 emissions, and making safe delivery of sensitive cargo more competitive than 100% rail.

Across Europe, it links major port infrastructures to leading industrial centres and consumer markets.

Rail motorway transport with VIIA

With rail motorways, semi-trailers can go right on a train—unlike traditional multimodal transport, which involves transferring swap bodies, tanks and containers.

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Asset management and maintenance

Ermewa Group leases and manages all types of rolling stock for freight transport, making it available to transport providers and industrial logistics operators. Its fleet includes wagons, tank containers, locomotives, maintenance vehicles and shunting vehicles.

Dedicated, locally-based teams help Ermewa’s clients optimize their entire logistics chains by designing customized solutions that meet specific needs.

Rolling stock maintenance

Ermewa Group has a Europe-wide network of certified workshops that maintain, refurbish, transform and even design wagons. Our teams can even come to your site to perform preventive maintenance, make repairs, and provide training.

The Ermewa Group consists of eight companies: Ermewa, Eurotainer, CCR, Ateliers d’Orval, Ferifos, SARI, SEGI and Akiem.

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Logistics at its best

With on-line sales exploding and relationship marketing on the rise, flawless logistics are essential to the success of your business.

We offer logistics services, from the simplest to the most complex, at sites in Europe and around the world—even at your site. Count on us for:

  • storage
  • order-picking
  • quality control
  • post-delivery services
  • packaging and distribution of finished products
  • industrial site supply
  • bundling and recovery of mid- and end-of-life products at mid- and end of life

Serving a wide range of industries

Our expertise is well known in industries ranging from mass-market and high-tech goods to health and cosmetics, and we’re gaining ground in green products and e-business.

Optimizing your supply chain

We offer a comprehensive range of transport and logistics services around the world with Control Tower, a centralized management solution.

As part of our quest for continuous improvement, Control Tower includes:

  • studies and consulting
  • service provider selection and management
  • supply chain management and optimization

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Geodis - Contract logistics

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Supply chain optimization with Geodis

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