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SNCF Logistics: Who we are

SNCF Logistics offers freight management and customized multimodal transport solutions for your entire logistics chain. Across Europe and around the world, we move your cargo by rail, road, air and sea. We keep your company performing at its best—operationally, financially and environmentally.

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A leader in logistics solutions

SNCF Logistics is the second-largest business line within SNCF Group, and we’re a major player in the global logistics and transport market. With 2016 revenue of €10.1 billion, SNCF Logistics is:

  • No 1 in France
  • No 4 in Europe
  • No 8 worldwide

Fast-growing market

The worldwide freight market is changing in fundamental ways. Globalized trade has made the logistics chain more complex, and our customers are moving increasingly into international markets. Meanwhile, e-commerce is transforming logistics, as unit volumes explode and deadline pressures rise.

Against this backdrop, customers are increasingly calling on our expertise in freight forwarding and logistics—fast-growing areas with very high added value. In 2016, these two business lines accounted for 53% of our revenue, up from 42% in 2009.

Un marché d’avenir

Another growth area for SNCF Logistics is investment in rail transport, which is expected to play a major role in the freight market of the 21st century. With that in mind, we’re working to develop digital freight trains that will make rail freight safer, more modern and more efficient.

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Rapid international growth

With a presence in 120 countries, SNCF Logistics generates 55% of its business outside France. By 2020, international markets should account for 64% of our growth.

SNCF Logistics around the world

We generate 29% of our revenue on markets in Asia and the Americas, where annual growth could average 7% -8% between now and 2020.

In 2015 our subsidiary Geodis acquired OHL, a US-based logistics specialist, strengthening its position in the United States and other international markets. The acquisition also expanded the company’s capabilities in e-commerce, contract logistics and freight forwarding.

We plan to step up the pace of our international growth, particularly in Eastern Europe, China, and Brazil.

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A key player in multimodal transport

We offers the full range of transport modes—rail, road, air and sea—and we have the specialists and expertise required for each.

SNCF Logistics is made up of three companies:

  • Geodis, ranked No. 4 among logistics operators in Europe and No. 7 worldwide, offers comprehensive solutions for the entire logistics chain
  • TFMM rail & multimodal freight transport combines rail know-how with expertise in multimodal transport and freight forwarding.
  • Ermewa Group is the European leader in leasing rail wagons and locomotives and the global leader in tank container leasing.

SNCF Logistics around the world

A pioneer in sustainable freight transport

The freight transport sector offers powerful opportunities to combine business performance with environmental performance, with innovative solutions for reducing pollution and CO2 emissions.

With our VIIA subsidiary, we’re expanding Europe’s network of rail motorways. In 2014, they carried over 10,000 trucks, reducing pressure on congested roads.

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In partnership with our Geodis subsidiary, we’re developing environment-friendly “last mile” delivery solutions that include electric and natural gas-powered trucks.

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Over the past few years, we’ve worked with Naviland Cargo, a subsidiary of our rail and multimodal freight specialist TFMM, to develop multimodal transport solutions.
Consider cognac exports: at our customer’s request, we rolled out a multimodal transport solution that delivered nearly 33 million bottles in 2016—and generated 90% less CO2 than road transport.

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Guy Crescent award

Through our Guy Crescent award, SNCF Logistics also helps people with disabilities become entrepreneurs, finding their place in business and in society.

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