Special Trains

Interested in chartering a train? Our Special Train offer is for you. Learn more about our customized services and offers for companies, works councils, non-profits and individuals. Request a quote

Give your guests the experience of a lifetime with a chartered train

Want to put the power of mobility behind your marketing?  Welcome aboard. With our Special Trains, you’ll get the seamless, premium travel you want for your large group.

When you charter part or all of an SNCF train, you’ll enjoy a customized experience and unrivalled services. Design your project with support from our Special Trains team, dedicated to your wants and needs every step of the way.

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Top 3 benefits of Special Trains

Everything but the passengers

From Paris to Cannes. From Dijon to the Loire Valley. From Strasbourg to Bordeaux. Wherever you want to go, we’ll bring your vision to life with our TER, Intercités or high-speed TGV trains. You’ll benefit from our expertise and personalized support—and when you request a quote, we’ll respond within 72 hours. Our experts look forward to working closely with you to create the perfect Special Train for your event.

A journey that looks like you

Give your guests an experience they’ll never forget.  Working with our partners, we’ll help you orchestrate every step of your event. A VIP welcome at the station, with a private platform and red carpet? Food and drinks à la carte, in the bar or served to guests in their seats? On-board activities and entertainment? Dedicated coaches? The choice is yours. The only limit is your imagination.

Eco-friendly travel

Productivity meets environmental responsibility. When you choose a customized Special Train, you can make the most of your time on board—and enjoy a hassle-free, low-carbon journey from city centre to city centre, guaranteed.

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