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Finding the right location

Want a fast, easy way to find SNCF sets for your next film? With SetKeeper, our on-line platform, you can scout locations remotely and book in a few clicks.  

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Your scouting partner

Our SetKeeper platform, available to media professionals since 2015, makes scouting easy.

Use SetKeeper to:

  • choose the perfect set on line, based on descriptions and technical specifications for each location—no travel required
  • save selections to your Scouting Notebook and view them all in your SNCF SetKeeper account
  • submit your location request on line
  • get support from the experts at Cinéma & Tournages—at any stage of your project

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Everything you need

“The SetKeeper platform has everything you need to plan your shoot. Need to film a scene in a station? Your production assistant can use our database to find the right location and get approval—fast.”

Philippe Laylle, head of SNCF Cinéma & Tournages

Tournage du film La fille du puisatier
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Explore our outstanding location portfolio

Over 3,000 stations offer a wide range of settings

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Film in any type of train, from a contemporary TGV coach to an 1890s locomotive

Browse trains

Another option: charter a trainset with our SNCF Studios offer. Set up your shoot outside the rail network, and you’ll avoid the extra safety requirements and the prevention plans needed in stations.

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La Cité du Train, in the Alsatian city of Mulhouse, is Europe’s largest railway museum, with 151 pieces of historic rail equipment and over 50,000 sq m of exhibit space.

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