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Shoot on location with SNCF

Want to make a film, shoot a commercial or take photographs in an SNCF train or station? Our Cinéma & Tournages team can help. Here’s how it works.

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Getting started

To arrange your SNCF shoot, you’ll need to:

  • submit your request at least three weeks before your date, and about three months ahead if your project is complex¹

  • include a synopsis and the script for the sequences you plan to shoot on SNCF locations

  • tell us when and where you’d like to shoot, the equipment you’ll use, and the size and composition of your crew

  • provide proof of insurance, contact information for the production team, your billing address, and your Siret number. If you don’t have a Siret number, please give us your intra-community VAT number or your national tax ID number

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Your contacts

For more information or to request authorization for your shoot, contact:

Customized services

End-to-end support for your project 

We’ll check to confirm that your location is available and that your project is technically feasible. We’ll also need to ensure that the shoot does not compromise the image of SNCF or its employees.

Location advice

If we can’t approve the location you request, we’ll help you find one that works for you. Haven’t decided yet? We can offer a selection of sites and recommend the best one for your shoot.

Customized quote

Fees vary from project to project.  We’ll send you a detailed estimate specifically for your shoot.2

Project management

At Cinéma & Tournages, we work with the rest of the SNCF team to plan the services you’ll need to shoot in complete safety. We’ll also contact the right departments to book the rolling stock you need—whether it’s a single coach or an entire train.

Technical inspection

We’ll meet with you and the local managers at your chosen location, and both sides will sign a joint advance inspection agreement (ICP) and prevention plan.

Official authorization

The official authorization document is the “ticket” you must present to access your location. You’ll receive it after we sign the shoot agreement, which sets out the obligations of all parties.

On-site support

On the day of your shoot, we’ll be on hand to make sure we deliver the services we promised. We naturally provide even more support for complex projects that require large-scale logistics or take place at night.

1Our system carries 4 million passengers a day, so it takes a lot of planning to arrange for a film or photo shoot. Passenger traffic varies tremendously in stations: filming with five people on the forecourt of a small station is completely different from filming with 60 on the platform of a large one. If you need an entire coach, be sure to book early, and please remember that we open booking to the public several weeks in advance. If you need an entire trainset, we’ll need to add a train path to our timetable to integrate your train into traffic.

2 Pricing is based on a number of factors:

  • the scope of your project and the distribution medium (e.g., film, television, advertising and the Internet);
  • the locations you choose (forecourt or platform; large station or small; chartered train);
  • the size of your crew and the day/time you request (we generally book shoots Tuesday through Thursday, 10.00-16.00, except for peak traffic periods, bank holidays and school summer holidays);
  • our operating costs (primarily associated with making trains available);
  • any additional services, such as making a room available, supplying electricity, providing staff to oversee the shoot and developing a prevention plan.