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Seeing triple at Paris-Nord station

A massive expansion is underway at Europe’s busiest railway station. Set for completion in 2024, the redesign will transform Paris-Nord, creating a bigger, greener station with closer ties to the city around it.

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Target: the 2024 Paris Olympics

If you’re a regular at Paris-Nord station, you’ve already seen a lot of renovation works over the past three years. Yet the biggest changes are still to come for this critical hub—the gateway to France for Belgian, Dutch, German and British travellers.

With the first phase of the project completed in late 2018, works will ratchet up to a whole new level for a stunning metamorphosis: by 2024, when Paris hosts the Summer Olympics, the station will be three times its current size.

In 5 years, the station will grow from 36,000 to 110,000 m²

Nearly 30% more passenger traffic by 2030

We’re expanding Europe’s busiest station to keep pace with massive growth in passenger traffic in coming years. Currently some 700,000 passengers—not including Metro and RER users—pass through the station every day. By 2024, that number will increase to 800,000, and by 2030 the total will be 900,000, for an increase of nearly 30% in a decade.

Which is why intermodal mobility is the heart of the project. Every area of the station will be reimagined to better accommodate bus, Metro, RER, long-distance rail and commuter traffic.

Goal No. 1:  keep people flowing smoothly through this massive urban hub by rerouting and separating different types of users. Want an example? Plans for the project include a brand new five-level departure terminal—one of its most spectacular features.

Total budget: over €600 million

Meet the new Paris-Nord station

Works are set to continue through December 2023. Once complete, the station will have:

  • a new departure terminal with a gallery 14 m wide and 300 m long—a light-filled space lined with services and shops
  • a new façade on the rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, providing direct access to the departure terminal via a new eco-friendly bus station
  • an expanded Eurostar terminal
  • far greater accessibility, with 2.5 times more lifts (total of 55), escalators (total of 105) and traffic area (expanded from 15,000 sq m to 37,000 sq m)
  • 7,700 sq m of green space and 3,200 sq m of solar panels
  • 5,500 sq m of coworking space
  • 1,200 bicycle parking spaces
  • a 1-km fitness trail, plus paddle tennis, a basketball court and a golf course
  • a 1,600 sq m events room
  • a 2,000 sq m European Academy of Culture