SNCF Réseau

Learn more about SNCF Réseau. Explore our network upgrades and expertise. Read about our sustainable development initiatives. Browse our maps of the French rail network. 

SNCF Réseau: what we do

We maintain, upgrade and sell access to the French rail network, serving all passenger and freight rail companies.

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Photo credits: © Christophe Recoura

SNCF Réseau and sustainable development

We’re creating and using a wide range of innovative solutions to meet the challenges facing the rail system—from environmental protection to labour relations to good corporate citizenship.  Our aim: a safe, eco-friendly, socially responsible network.

Improving working conditions for our employees

At SNCF Réseau, we make cultivating human capital a priority, so our employees can develop the skills we need.

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Shrinking our environmental footprint

il is one of the greenest forms of public transport, and we’re working to make it even better under the Paris Agreement adopted at COP21.

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Sustainability news

Get all the news on our sustainability initiatives—responsible upgrades, our commitment to biodiversity, eco-friendly work sites, jobs for the unemployed and more.

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