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SNCF Réseau—expertise and services

We maintain, upgrade and sell access to the French rail network, serving all passenger and freight rail operators. Our mission: promote mobility and manage the resulting increase in traffic.

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SNCF Réseau at a glance

SNCF Réseau was created on 1 January 2015, when network owner Réseau Ferré de France (RFF) merged with SNCF Infra and traffic manager Direction de la Circulation Ferroviaire (DCF). Today SNCF Réseau oversees the French network and serves as its sole rail infrastructure manager.

What we do

Maintenance and Works

Maintenance and Works employees maintain and upgrade the network to improve performance and make the rail system even safer.

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Engineering and Projects

Our Engineering and Projects teams bring their technical expertise to every area of our business, developing the rail system and optimizing its performance.

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Network Access

Network Access employees manage operator access to France’s rail infrastructure for both passenger and freight traffic.

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Traffic Management

Our Traffic Management specialists monitor rail traffic and keep it flowing smoothly, ensuring on-time performance and keeping our trains, our passengers and our employees safe.

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