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SNCF Réseau — Maintenance and Works

Our Maintenance and Works teams are on the job 24/7, maintaining and upgrading the French rail network. Their mission: improve performance and make the system safer.

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Keeping the network at its best

Under the Grand Network Modernization Plan (GPMR), launched by the French government in 2013, we’re carrying out improvement works every year, with total investment set to reach €3 billion by 2020. Our Maintenance and Works division is responsible for setting priorities and managing projects successfully and efficiently.

Custom-tailored project management

We tailor our approach to the special needs of each type of project:

  • Routine maintenance: these projects are completed quickly and don’t disrupt traffic. They focus on making repairs, preventing maintenance issues and monitoring equipment
  • Special maintenance: these works are designed to improve or renovate rail assets, and they may last long enough to affect traffic.
  • Grouped works: these projects are bundled and carried out together based on location or type of works. Bundling limits traffic disruptions and minimizes costs and environmental impact.

The Grand Network Modernization Plan (GPMR) is geared around four commitments:

  • Improve network performance
  • Expand the network’s train capacity
  • Maintain high safety standards
  • Improve infrastructure access

Innovating for safety: three examples

Surveillance trains roam the network, detecting and analysing track anomalies and monitoring the condition of signalling and telecommunications systems.

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Using the unprecedented transport and lifting capacity of trestle wagons and Kirow railway cranes, we can now deliver and install pre-assembled switches instead of assembling them on site.

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We use drones to monitor hard-to-access areas. Among other benefits, they make it easier to inspect cliffs, prevent trespassing, and pinpoint trees felled by storms or other events.

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Travaux de modernisation du réseau en Île-de-France

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For more information on our Maintenance and Works division, visit the SNCF Réseau website.

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