Photo credit (banner): Rodolphe Escher / CAPA / SNCF Réseau

SNCF Réseau and sustainable development

Our approach to social responsibility is geared around the challenges that face the rail system—protecting the environment, taking care of our employees and meeting society’s expectations. Aim: a safe, eco-friendly, socially responsible network. 

Making sustainable mobility a reality

Sustainable development factors into all of our strategic decisions and inspires us to share best practices across all of our business areas—which is why SNCF Réseau has a dedicated division for environmental and sustainability issues.

Our four priorities

Meeting high safety standards

The safe movement of trains and the security of people are the top priorities for our sustainable development policy. We achieve these goals by running safe, secure operations and by responding to the impact of climate change on our infrastructures.

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Shrinking our environmental footprint

Rail is one of the greenest forms of public transport, and we’re working to make it even better. Our primary goal is to conserve resources and biodiversity, so we give special attention to green initiatives such as recycling and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Improving working conditions for our employees

At SNCF Réseau we cultivate the skilled workforce we need, making the most of our human capital. Top priorities include proximity management, anti-discrimination efforts, and well-being in the workplace. 

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Stepping up regional engagement in France

Successful operation of the rail system hinges on good relationships with our host regions. To strengthen these ties, we cultivate dialogue with local stakeholders, reduce rail-related noise, and contribute to economic development and job creation through socially responsible, SME-friendly purchasing.

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