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Traffic Management

Our Traffic Management specialists track and streamline rail traffic to ensure on-time performance and keep the system safe—for our trains and for the SNCF Réseau employees who work on the tracks.

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Monitoring traffic 24/7

Our Traffic Management teams have two main priorities:

  • managing traffic in real time, especially when there is an incident or breakdown, when unauthorized persons are on the track, and in other special circumstances
  • protecting the maintenance teams that work on the rail line.

Un maillage national

To keep traffic moving safely and efficiently, our Traffic Management division relies on 21 local units (Établissements Infra Circulation, or EIC) throughout France. Their responsibilities include:

  • controlling signals and points to map out train routes
  • managing traffic
  • adding and eliminating trains
  • identifying and resolving traffic conflicts
  • handling incidents

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For more information on our Traffic Management division, visit the SNCF Réseau website.

Learn more about our Traffic Management division