Photo credit (banner): Jean-Jacques D’Angelo / SNCF

The Rolling Stock Division maintains SNCF’s rolling stock, delivering operational excellence for the Group and its customers. Learn more about our mission here.

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Vital role

The Rolling Stock Division plays a dominant role at SNCF, keep people and goods moving by maintaining nearly 17,000 units of rolling stock.

Our work supports the operations of these key customers within SNCF Group:

  • Fret—freight mobility
  • Intercités—classic passenger service to French cities
  • SNCF Réseau—the French rail network
  • TER—French regional rail
  • TGV inOUI—premium high-speed passenger rail
  • Transilien—commuter service

Whenever we work on their rolling stock or spare parts, they can rely on us for safety, quality and technical expertise.

And when they buy new equipment, they can come to us for engineering expertise.

Our maintenance system

SNCF’s maintenance operations are staffed by 22,000 employees, working throughout France in four separate entities:

  • Rolling Stock Division

  • our engineering units

  • 36 Technicentre facilities—26 for routine maintenance operations and 10 for heavy maintenance

  • Technicampus and our Industrial Logistics Centre (CLI), our two supporting entities

Industrial Technicentres and other SNCF rolling stock centres

Delivering operational excellence for our customers

To keep SNCF rolling stock performing at its best, we perform maintenance constantly:

  • all Technicentres operate 24/7
  • Technicentres handle one trainset every three days on average
  • every year, we recondition the bodies of 1,300 locomotives and wagons