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Every day, the Rolling Stock Division’s 22,000 employees work hard to deliver the high-quality maintenance that keeps you safe and comfortable aboard SNCF trains. Learn more about what we do.

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Les métiers de la maintenance des trains à la SNCF

Routine maintenance

Every day, in 26 Maintenance Technicentres across France, we carry out routine maintenance on SNCF rolling stock as needed by our customers within SNCF.

Some 12,000 employees work on all types of equipment, from the oldest to the most recent, such as Francilien, Regiolis and Regio 2N.

Heavy maintenance

After a unit has been in service for 15-20 years, all of its parts are disassembled, inspected, and renovated or replaced to give new life to SNCF rolling stock.

This large-scale renovation and modernization work is performed by 8,000 specialists at our Industrial Technicentres.

Technical excellence

During maintenance, our technicians upgrade rolling stock with new technology, IT and design features developed by our engineering experts. Examples include amenities for people with limited mobility, WiFi, passenger information systems, and interior improvements.

Our industrial Technicentres also recondition and repair parts, including wheelsets, couplers, electric motors and air conditioning units.