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At our Rolling Stock Division, we rely on engineers for every aspect of maintenance. Our engineering experts are grouped into three main entities: the Rolling Stock Engineering Centre (CIM); France’s Railway Testing Agency (AEF); and a network of Engineering Clusters.

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Rolling Stock Engineering

Engineering—the heart of everything we do.

We count on our engineers to develop specifications for rolling stock, to design and carry out rail testing, and to keep maintenance running smoothly. Rolling Stock Engineering also innovates and adapts existing technologies to create the trains of the future, backed by the know-how and expertise of 1,700 technicians and engineers.

These specialists are assigned to:

  • the Rolling Stock Division
  • the Centre for Rolling Stock Engineering (CIM)
  • the Railway Testing Agency (AEF)
  • a network of Engineering Clusters

L’ingénierie du Matériel

Areas of engineering expertise

Centre for Rolling Stock Engineering (CIM)

The CIM is an international standard-setter in rail engineering, offering technical expertise in a number of areas. In particular, it helps shape specifications for the trains of the future and provides input at every stage of the rolling stock lifecycle.

Railway Testing Agency (AEF) 

The AEF uses its modern laboratory and facilities to carry out testing in a variety of areas: mechanics, electrics, industrial hygiene, and the environment. It also contributes expertise to outside customers, both in France and abroad.

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AEF : Agence d’Essai Ferroviaire

Engineering Clusters

Our five Engineering Clusters offer on-the-spot expertise—most are located in Technicentres for maximum responsiveness—to ensure that SNCF rolling stock delivers safety, reliability and high performance.


patents filed annually on average

In addition to its centres of excellence, the Rolling Stock Division is supported by two specialized units: our Industrial Logistics Centre (CLI) and Technicampus

Industrial Logistics Centre (CLI) 

CLI ensures that parts are available to the SNCF units responsible for train maintenance, anticipating demand for parts, optimizing inventory management and controlling costs. CLI also contributes to our broader drive for operational excellence throughout our supply chain.


Technicampus is SNCF’s rolling stock university.

Located in a massive 13,000-sq m building in Le Mans, in North-western France, it’s a vital part of the Division, providing technical and cross-functional training programmes for SNCF employees and trainees, including work-study participants. Every maintenance specialist in the Rolling Stock Division has trained at Technicampus at least once.

Masteris: One-stop access to SNCF’s experience and operating assets

This SNCF subsidiary offers customized rolling stock expertise to 170 customers in France and around Europe. Masteris works with railway companies and other mass transit players, providing support throughout the rolling stock lifecycle—from design to operation to reconditioning.

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