Photo credit (banner): William Daniels / SNCF

Need an easy way to get to and from your station by bicycle? We’ve got the solutions you need—bicycle racks, secure shared or individual sheds, and our full-service Vélostation facilities.

Parking solutions

Bicycle racks  

make parking fast and easy.

Secure shared sheds

have plenty of parking spaces, in enclosed areas that only registered users can access.

Individual bicycle parking

is secure and close to the station.

Vélostation facilities

offer parking plus a range of complementary services, including guard service, repairs, and bicycle rentals.

In and around Paris

You can park your bicycle at any station in the Transilien network. Facilities include:

  • bicycle racks in well-lit, self-service sheds
  • secure Véligo enclosures with one- or two-tier bicycle racks, protected by video surveillance. To use the Véligo enclosures, you must have a Navigo or Navigo Découverte card, available for a yearly fee of €20. The card must be loaded with a valid pass (Jour, Semaine, Mois, Annuel, Imagine R, or Solidarité Transport). Véligo enclosures are accessible 24/7 and are designed exclusively for non-motorized two-wheelers, tandems, and electric bicycles.

Stations in the Paris region currently offer a total of nearly 2,000 Véligo parking spaces. 

Book your Véligo space now

Call the Véligo Management Centre at (+33) (0)1 71 25 06 50. Service available 07.00-20.00, seven days a week. (From inside France, you pay the cost of a local call.)

At the ticket window in stations with a Véligo facility

Consult the list of stations with a Véligo facility (in French)

French regions

Across France, SNCF stations offer more than 24,000 parking spaces for your bicycle, and they’re accessible 24/7. Terms and fees vary from region to region.

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