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Do you manage an annual travel budget of over €150,000 for a major corporation or institution? Join our Contrat Grand Compte plan to give your company and your employees all the benefits of a customized contract.

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Tailored to the needs of major companies

Need to keep a tight rein on your company’s rail travel budget? Our custom-tailored Contrat Grand Compte plan offers a range of benefits:

  • exclusive discounts

  • access to Business Première benefits

Along with premium, personalized support:

  • dedicated account manager

  • advice on optimizing your travel policy

  • monthly tracking on line

  • detailed quarterly reports

  • access to our Mon Compte Pro customer dashboard

Join our Contrat Grand Compte plan

Tel: 01 74 54 06 55 (from outside France, dial +33 1 74 54 06 55)

Tel: 02 40 08 13 84 (from outside France, dial +33 2 40 08 13 84)

Tel: 05 40 54 03 12 (from outside France, dial +33 5 40 54 03 12)

Tel: 01 74 54 06 55 (from outside France, dial +33 1 74 54 06 55)

Tel: 03 88 75 41 86 (from outside France, dial +33 3 88 75 41 86)

Tel: 04 78 65 53 48 (from outside France, dial +33 4 78 65 53 48)

Tel: 04 13 25 12 08 (from outside France, dial +33 4 13 25 12 08)

Simple and efficient

As the travel manager for a company with over 1,500 employees, I need a simple, efficient tool for managing my rail budget down to the last detail. With Contrat Grand Compte, we have access to customized tracking and a dedicated adviser, plus detailed reports that make my job much easier. And we get exclusive pricing thanks to our high purchasing volume.

Agathe, 36, travel manager, Grenoble

Exclusive fares with the Liberté card

When you join Contrat Grand Compte, you can buy our Liberté card at the exclusive price of €379 a year. With the card, you’re eligible for fixed, discounted fares for every destination—even at the last minute. You save 45% on 1st class tickets and 60% on 2nd class tickets.

Learn more about the Liberté card

Managing business travel is easy with Mon Compte Pro

With our Mon Compte Pro customer dashboard, you can track your rail spending anytime—and you’ll spend a lot less time managing the travel budget for your employees.

Mon Compte Pro is tailored to your needs. Use it to:

  • create rail travel usage reports

  • get business travel information that’s relevant for you

  • learn more about our national and international offers

  • get all the latest SNCF news and traffic updates

Access Mon Compte Pro (in French)

Exclusive business travel services for you and your employees

100% flexible pricing2

Use your company code for access to our 100% flexible tickets: 

  • Business Première

  • Pro Seconde

When you choose “100% flexible” tickets, you get: 

  • Flexibilité Maximum—exchanges and refunds are free up to 30 minutes after your train departs

  • Échange Garanti—you can exchange your ticket for a same-day train, even if it’s full

Accès Express

Save time with dedicated windows in SNCF sales offices and Accès Express, our priority boarding service for TGV INOUI.


Use the TGV INOUI Pro3 app to collect and exchange e-tickets and get the real-time travel info you need—platform numbers, disruption alerts and more.

We respond to your claims in 2 business days4

Got a Garantie Ponctualité question or claim? We’ll handle it within 2 business days.

Comfort and peace of mind with Business Première

Learn more about the benefits Business Première can offer you and your employees, including access to TGV INOUI Grand Voyageur lounges, priority boarding with Accès Express, and a complimentary beverage and newspaper on the platform.

Learn more about Business Première

1 Discount applies to the annual fee for your Liberté card.
2 Flexible pricing means that: 

  • You can exchange tickets free of charge up to 30 minutes after departure

  • Ticket refunds are free of charge up to 30 minutes after departure in stations and SNCF sales offices at your point of departure.

  • Starting 30 minutes before departure, you may make only two exchanges, and they are limited to other same-day trains and journeys that include your original journey.

  • If you exchange your tickets within the 30 minutes before departure, they are no longer refundable.


Need to make an exchange or get information about your journey? With TGV INOUI Pro, you can do it all from your smartphone. Our complimentary TGV INOUI Pro app and TGV INOUI Pro mobile website are specially designed for business travellers.

The app is available for iPhone and Android at no charge. Once you’ve downloaded it, use it to:

  • exchange your e-tickets—even if your train is full

  • cancel your e-tickets at no charge

  • sync your journeys automatically

  • store digital versions of your Fréquence, Liberté and Grand Voyageur cards

  • get real-time information on your journey

  • access your travel receipts

And you can easily cancel your TGV INOUI Pro e-ticket or exchange it for an identically priced one when you visit the TGV INOUI Pro website, accessible from any computer or telephone with an Internet connection.

Service available for iPhone and Android. Also available for select destinations to customers who do not participate in our Voyageur rewards programme. The m-ticket is issued in the traveller’s name and is non-transferable. Identification may be requested when the ticket is checked.

4 Claims processed in 2 business days
If you have a Pro e-ticket and need to make a complaint or file a claim under our G30 guarantee, simply contact customer service, and a dedicated team of advisers will handle it via e-mail within 2 business days. Complete the form on line or in your TGV INOUI Pro app (choose Help & Contact).

Complete the claim form