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Do you manage the rail travel budget for a professional practice, a tradesperson, an SME, or a non-profit? Choose Contrat Pro. With no minimum purchase, it’s the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of our business travel offer.

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With Contrat Pro, you’ll enjoy lower fares and exclusive services—and you can become a member in just a few clicks. Have your Siret number handy to complete the on-line form, and we’ll email your Business Code immediately.

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Exclusive benefits

Whether your employees travel occasionally or frequently, you’ll enjoy extra benefits and save on cards and fares for business travellers.

For occasional travellers (fewer than 4 return journeys a year):

  • access to Pro Seconde, our most flexible 2nd class fare1 for travel in France
  • 5% off the Pro Seconde fare for 2 destinations of your choice2
  • 5% off our Business Première fare3

For frequent travellers (4 or more return journeys a year)4:

  • €20 discount when you buy or renew a Liberté card5

Get your spending—and your carbon footprint—under control

Our people travel several times a month to various destinations. The Liberté card is a real plus for us—it meets our needs. And thanks to Contrat Pro, we save €20 on every Liberté card we buy.

Olivia, management assistant at an architecture firm

Manage your contracts

Access your dedicated customer account to track employee rail usage and adapt your contracts accordingly. You can change:

  • your 2 preferred destinations every 6 months
  • your consumption, using downloadable reports for the period of your choice
  • the types of newsletters you receive and your preferred contact methods
  • reminders of the benefits available to you

Dedicated customer service

To reach us, use the contact form in your customer account, email us at, or call us at +33 9 69 36 63 56, Monday to Friday, 08.00-19.00. When you submit a claim on one of our flexible fares, we’ll respond within 48 hours--guaranteed.

Want to save the planet? Choose rail

Want to save the planet? Choose rail

The graphic compares transport modes using a thermometer ranging from green (lowest emissions) to red (highest emissions).

CO2e emissions per passenger for 1 km of travel:

  • 1.7 g: INTERCITÉS, TGV INOUI or OUIGO train (green)
  • 35 g: long-distance coach (green)
  • 88 g: car with 2.2 passengers1 (yellow)
  • 141 g: plane (orange)
  • 193 g: car with 1 person (red)

NOTE: CO2e emissions per passenger for 1 km of travel aboard international trains are as follows:

  • 2.05 g: Lyria (Switzerland)
  • 4.5 g: DB-SNCF partnership (Germany)
  • 5.4 g: Renfe-SNCF partnership (Spain)
  • 8.5 g: TGV INOUI (Italy)
  • 6.68 g: Thalys (Belgium and the Netherlands)
  • 8.64 g: Eurostar (United Kingdom)

Download our General Terms of Use

1 Our Pro Seconde fare is offered exclusively for 2nd class travel with TGV INOUI and INTERCITÉS trains requiring booking, to customers under contract with SNCF. This fare is available to you as soon as your plan membership is confirmed. Ticket exchanges are free up to 30 minutes after departure. Ticket refunds are free in stations and SNCF sales offices at the point of departure, up to 30 minutes after departure. Starting 30 minutes before departure, you may make only 2 exchanges, and they are limited to other same-day trains and journeys that include your original journey. If you cancel your tickets within 30 minutes before departure, they are no longer refundable.

2 This discount applies to select routes. It is not available for international travel or for TER or INTERCITÉS trains not requiring booking. Your choice of 2 destinations will apply for 6 months. At the end of that period, you may keep the same choice, or select 2 new destinations. To review your list of journeys, log in to your customer account at The discount will be available to you within 15 days after you make your selection. 

3 To qualify for this discount, use your valid Business Code when you buy SNCF tickets at the Business Première fare for journeys in continental France aboard TGV INOUI and/or INTERCITÉS trains requiring booking. Does not apply to purchase of Business Première tickets with the Liberté card, to international travel, or to TER or INTERCITÉS trains not requiring booking. Discount available within 15 days after you make your selection.

4 Savings based on travel to top TGV INOUI destinations at the Pro Seconde and Business Première fares during peak travel at 31/12/2018. Offer available exclusively to Liberté cardholders. Discounted fare based on the Business Première fare for TGV INOUI and INTERCITÉS trains requiring booking, except OUIGO and INTERCITÉS 100% Éco. Discount calculation does not include additional paid services. Discounts subject to availability of seats. For INTERCITÉS trains not requiring booking, the discount is 50%, based on the standard fare (the benchmark fare approved by the French State) for the chosen class. For TER regional trains, your Liberté card entitles you to a 50% discount, provided the card is accepted by the regional public transport authority within its own area. For more information, visit the TER regional websites. Discounted Liberté card fares may not be combined with any other discount card or special offer.

5 €20 off the regular price of €399, including tax, for Contrat Pro members when they buy or renew a Liberté discount card. This discount is available to you as soon as your plan membership is confirmed. You may activate the card up to 5 months after the date of purchase. Offer may not be combined with any other special offer or card renewal bonus. To buy the Liberté card or get additional information, visit an SNCF self-service machine, station or sales office, or an authorized travel agent. You can also contact us online at, or by telephone at 3635 from inside France. From other countries, dial +33 1 84 94 36 35. (Our service is free: you pay only the cost of your call.)