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Liberté—the ideal card for business travellers

Do you travel with TGV INOUI or INTERCITÉS for work? If you take multiple journeys a year and can’t always buy your tickets in advance, choose our Liberté card for across-the-board discounts and a wealth of benefits.

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What the Liberté card can do for you

With the Liberté card, you’ll enjoy a long list of benefits. Fixed, discounted fares on 1st and 2nd class travel with TGV INOUI and INTERCITÉS. Guaranteed free ticket exchanges and refunds up to 30 minutes after your train leaves. And when you travel in 1st class, you’ll enjoy exclusive Business Première services before and during your journey.

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And that’s not all. Now your Liberté card gives you access to reduced Avantage fares too—perfect if you’re heading off for a holiday, a weekend getaway, or an event with family or friends. Enjoy discounts on 1st and 2nd class travel for yourself, an accompanying adult, and up to 3 children, plus price ceilings in 2nd class. These savings are available on weekends and even during the week when you travel with a child.1

Bottom line: the Liberté card is the ideal solution to make business travel more convenient and economical—and you’ll save on personal journeys too. Your card is valid for a full year.

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Save on tickets with the Liberté card

The Liberté card is the best way for your business to save on rail tickets.

Do you take more than 4 return journeys a year with TGV INOUI and INTERCITÉS—often at the last minute? With the Liberté card2, you’re guaranteed to get fixed, discounted ticket prices for all of your destinations, thanks to our Liberté fares. The card costs a flat €399 per year, but you can buy it for just €379 if your company is a member of our Contrat Pro plan.

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In France and beyond3, the Liberté card entitles you to across-the-board discounts. When you travel with TGV INOUI and Intercités,4 you’ll save 60% on 2nd class and 45% on our Business Première fare in 1st class—even for last-minute journeys. You’ll also save 25%-50% on TER tickets for select regions.

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Liberté card benefits

Does your travel schedule change for reasons beyond your control? Use your Liberté card to get Liberté fares, and you’ll have the flexibility you need to deal with the unexpected. With Flexibilité Maximum, free refunds are guaranteed up to 30 minutes after your train departs5. And our Échange Garanti programme allows free ticket exchanges for a same-day train, even if it’s full6.

When you travel in 1st class, your card gives you access to all the comfort that comes with Business Première services—including access to our TGV INOUI Grand Voyageur lounges. Relax and enjoy these quiet spaces, with free wifi, complimentary beverages, and your choice of newspapers and magazines.

When you’re ready to board, you’ll save time with our Accès Express priority lines, and a dedicated team will welcome you on the platform with a complimentary hot or cold beverage and a newspaper.

And the benefits don’t stop with business travel—with the Liberté card, you’re entitled to discounted Avantage fares for leisure travel too. You’ll save on weekend getaways and holidays, whether you travel solo or with others.

How fast will your Liberté card pay for itself?

Not sure whether it’s smarter to go with the Liberté card or buy tickets individually? Our simulator can show you how soon your card would pay for itself. Enter your top destinations to calculate the number of journeys required for you to come out ahead with Liberté fares. The simulator can also tell you how much you’ll save in a full year, for all your journeys combined.

Calculate your savings

From 15 June to 15 October 2022, if you hold both a Liberté card and an Avantage card (Jeune, Adulte or Senior), you can request a refund for your Avantage card at
The amount of your refund equals the price of the Avantage card (€49, regardless of the amount originally paid), with no processing fee.

Your refund will be issued as an e-voucher and sent to the email address you use to log in to your Mon Identifiant SNCF account.
You can apply for a refund even if you’ve already used your Avantage card. Both cards must be active, or within the 5-month period allowed for activating the card after purchase.
To apply for your refund, follow these 8 steps:

1. Log in to
2. Click on “Démarrer la conversation” and enter “Carte en double”
3. Click on “carte Avantage”
4. Identify the sales channel (if you didn’t buy directly from SNCF, see the option at the bottom) and enter the date of purchase and the amount you paid
5. Log in to your Mon Identifiant SNCF account (if you didn’t log in at the beginning of the process)
6. Enter your Avantage card number
7. Describe your problem by entering “Je possède une carte Liberté”
8. There’s no need to add documentation. Simply click “Envoyez ma demande”

Your refund will be processed in about 15 days.

You may submit a refund request via the online platform until 23.59 on 15 October 2022.

If you bought your card from a travel agent other than SNCF Connect, please contact the agent directly.

You may also choose to request a refund under the cooling-off period required by law. In this case, a 10% fee will be withheld, and you must present the credit card you used at purchase.

1 If the Avantage fare benefit is contingent on travel with a child, the child must be present when tickets are checked aboard your train. Any accompanying adult or child who benefits from an Avantage fare discount linked to a Liberté card must travel with the corresponding Liberté cardholder.

2 Price valid at 15/06/2022, exclusive of special offers and Business Client Account (FCE) code. Discount card sold in SNCF stations and sales offices, at SNCF-authorized travel agents, on and by phone. In France, dial 3635. From outside France, dial +33 1 84 94 36 35. In either case, our service is free: you pay only the cost of your call. May not be combined with any other special offer in effect, or with card renewal bonus. Minors must have parental approval to buy or use this card. SNCF Voyageurs is a public limited company (a société anonyme, or SA) with share capital of €157,789,960. It is entered in the Bobigny Commercial and Companies Register under No. 519 037 584, and its registered office is at 9, rue Jean-Philippe Rameau – 93200 Saint-Denis Cedex.

 3 Offer available exclusively to Liberté cardholders. For the Avantage fare, the discount is calculated based on: 1st or 2nd class fare on day of purchase for TGV INOUI trains to Luxembourg and Freiburg im Breisgau, and TGV INOUI and ICE trains operated by the DB-SNCF partnership; on trains operated by the Renfe-SNCF partnership; on the Standard and Standard 1ère class for TGV Lyria; on the Seconda or Prima (2nd or 1st class) fare on day of purchase for TGV France-Italy. Discount calculation does not include additional paid services.

For the Liberté fare, the discount is calculated based on the Business Première fare on TGV INOUI trains to Luxembourg and Freiburg im Breisgau; on TGV INOUI and ICE trains operated by the DB-SNCF partnership; and on the Liberté Prima fare on TGV France-Italy trains. Discount calculation does not include additional paid services. On TGV Lyria trains, the discount is at least 40% off the Business Première fare when you travel Business Première, and 60% off the Standard Première Flex fare when you travel Standard class. Applied discounts may vary depending on your transport provider. More information is available on the website of each transport provider.

 4 Only the Liberté cardholder is entitled to the 45% discount on 1st class and the 60% discount on 2nd class. Flat, discounted fare based on the Business Première fare for TGV INOUI and INTERCITÉS trains requiring booking, except OUIGO. Discount calculation does not include additional paid services. For all INTERCITÉS trains not requiring booking, the discount is 50%, based on the standard fare for the chosen class. Discounts apply in France. When you travel on a Liberté fare, your Liberté card entitles you to a 15% discount on Mon Chauffeur and Ma Location Avis services. Conditions apply. For more information on available services, visit

 5 Tickets are refundable at no charge, up to 30 minutes after departure. Starting 30 minutes before departure, you may make only 2 exchanges, and they are limited to other same-day trains and journeys that include your original journey. If you exchange your tickets within the 30 minutes before departure, they are no longer refundable. Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded once the 30-minute period after departure has ended.

 6 You must exchange your ticket before you board your train. If you do not, you will have the same status as a passenger travelling without a valid ticket, and once on board you will be charged the amount required under our Passenger Fares agreement. You can exchange same-day tickets purchased at the Liberté, Pro Seconde or Business Première fare—even for a full train—via the TGV INOUI Pro app, at a self-service machine, or at an SNCF station or sales office. If you exchange your ticket before departure and your train is full, the conductor will welcome you aboard unless safety considerations require them to refuse. You are not guaranteed a seat.