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Introducing SNCF Connect is now SNCF Connect. We’re adapting our site and our app to be more responsive to your needs—whatever type of transport you choose. Find out what’s new. 

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Have you noticed that when you visit, you’re now automatically redirected to the SNCF Connect website? Or that your app is now called SNCF Connect? We’re reinventing our online service to make it even more user-friendly.

With SNCF Connect, travel is simpler. Our new site and app offer all the features of plus some brand-new ones.

It’s easy to organize transport anywhere in France. Use SNCF Connect to:

  • plan your journey, buy train tickets and make exchanges
  • find the best route from door to door
  • get traffic updates and alerts in real time
  • buy and renew regional cards and passes

SNCF Connect: Types of transport

With SNCF Connect, you have access to all our travel offers for:

  • TER
  • Transilien and public transport in the Paris region
  • Thalys
  • Eurostar
  • TGV Lyria
  • bus lines
  • ride-sharing offers 

And soon the list will include active and shared mobility in every region of France. 

All-new features

Easier route-mapping

SNCF Connect has one search box for everything you need. And the site and app are intuitive, so it’s easy to find your route by typing or saying a few key words. Simply enter an address, a station, a place of interest, a location, or a train number, and the results will appear—whether you’re travelling across borders or across town. 

Simplified purchase

Buying a ticket, a card or a pass is now easier and more transparent: 

  • When you purchase or reserve a ticket, SNCF Connect shows you the best price and the number of available seats at the lowest fares.
  • We help you find the best offer for your needs. Example: If a discount card would give you a better deal, SNCF Connect suggests the right card and shows how much you’ll save on the very first journey.
  • If you hold more than one discount card, you’ll see the fares and terms for each. 
  • You can add multiple journeys to your shopping cart, pay for them in one go, and access them all in the same place after purchase. 

Integrated commuter transport

SNCF Connect lets you access TER offers—including regional discount cards and passes—as well as Navigo passes and T+ tickets for the Paris region. And you can save your favourite routes in a single click, right on the homepage. 

Connecting between TGV INOUI and TER? SNCF Connects lets you save with discounts from regional cards, Avantage cards and long-distance rewards cards. 

Faster, smoother after-sales service

Exchange or cancel your journey with INTERCITÉS, TER, TGV INOUI and/or international trains in just a few clicks. Cancel an entire booking, or only the outbound or inbound portion—a new option. Interactions with customer service are easier to track as well, since SNCF Connect displays your full history.

Better passenger information

With SNCF Connect, you’ve always got the latest travel information. Get live updates on your journeys and traffic conditions. Choose the alerts you want to receive, opt into direct disruption notifications, chat with us, and more.

Even more personalized service

Use Mon identifiant SNCF, your one-stop customer account, to keep everything in one place: your preferences, discount cards, favourite journeys, payment details—even your travelling companions. You’ll also have access to our “express return” option, which makes it easier to book a return leg if you’ve made a one-way outbound journey.

More sustainable and more accessible

Both the SNCF Connect app and website are displayed in dark mode. This shrinks our carbon footprint, cuts your energy consumption, and makes screens easier to read. 

The app also includes a landscape mode for better accessibility. And the Dynamic Type feature lets you scale up the size of text on your smartphone. 

What’s changing now

Visitors to the site are already being redirected to SNCF Connect. If you’ve installed the app on your smartphone, it will soon be updated to SNCF Connect for both iOS and Android—or you can download it from a mobile store.

Got a ticket that you purchased for a future journey? Choose from 2 options: 

  • If you’ve already activated your Mon Identifiant SNCF customer account, all of your current bookings will automatically appear on the SNCF Connect website and in the app.
  • If you haven’t yet created an active customer account, you can find your current bookings on SNCF Connect by entering the reference code for each. You’ll find the code in the email confirming your order.

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