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Our Forfait passes

Do you travel several times a week on TGV INOUI or Intercités trains? With a Forfait pass, you can buy your tickets for €1.50 or even less.

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Discover the many benefits of our passes

Your annual Forfait pass² with TGV INOUI

Do you take TGV INOUI trains every day?

  • Save time and hassle by paying one time or monthly via automated direct debit.
  • Use a dedicated booking module to make up to two months of bookings in just a few clicks.
  • Get a full year of travel for the cost of just 10.5 months, with 450 free bookings included in your package.

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Monthly and weekly³ passes with TGV INOUI and Intercités

Do you take TGV INOUI or Intercités trains several times a week?

  • Opt for a weekly or monthly pass for a specific journey—choose the plan that’s right for you.
  • Book your tickets
  • Pay only the €1.50 booking fee for routes requiring reservations, and pay nothing at all on Intercités trains that don’t require reservations
  • Change your pass to fit your travel routine—you can adjust your plan whenever you renew

Sign up for a monthly or weekly Forfait pass (in French)


Exchanges and refunds

  • are free until the day you travel, before your train is scheduled to depart
  • are free for up to one hour after your train’s scheduled departure, provided you make the exchange at your point of departure for the next available train, for the same journey or for a journey included in the original one. Agent fees may apply.
  • are not allowed after your train’s scheduled departure
  • are allowed before your train's scheduled departure, provided the refund amount is greater than €5. Bookings cannot be refunded after the train’s scheduled departure

Our Optiforfait pass

Do you hold a current Optiforfait pass? It’s still valid, with all the same great benefits.

Are you a new customer? We’ve temporarily suspended our Optiforfait plan. Please choose another Forfait pass.

1 Intercités trains not requiring reservations

2 Download terms and conditions for our Forfait passes - New window">2 Download terms and conditions for our Forfait passes

3 With a monthly or weekly Forfait pass, you can travel at discounted fares on all regular trains serving:

  • your predefined route (does not include OUIGO trains); 
  • any line operating under SNCF fares

You must have a special pass to take a TGV operating on a high-speed line. If your pass excludes high-speed lines, you are not entitled to any special discount when you take a TGV operating on a high-speed line. If your pass is valid on high-speed lines, however, you may travel the corresponding itinerary, if any, on non-high-speed lines.

You must affix a recent identity photograph to your card. Your card, the coupon for your pass and your ticket must all be valid while you are travelling, and you must present all of them together whenever an SNCF employee requests it. You can now store e-tickets on the card and coupon for your pass. When you book, you must provide your passholder number. If e-ticketing is available for your itinerary, you can load your bookings directly onto your coupon.

4 During peak travel periods, if you hold a 2nd-class ticket and the fare for the train you take is higher than the one you originally booked, you must pay the difference in ticket price, minus the discount your pass entitles you to.

5 Bookings are optional and are subject to availability of seats. Travel is limited to two journeys per day—the equivalent of one return journey.