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Our weekly and monthly Forfait passes

Planning to take TGV INOUI, Intercités or TER every day over a short period? With a Forfait pass, you can buy your tickets for €1.50—or even less.

Enjoy a wealth of benefits with our weekly and monthly Forfait passes

Weekly and monthly Forfait passes with TGV INOUI, Intercités and TER

Create a weekly or monthly Forfait pass that’s right for you:

  • enjoy total freedom with unlimited travel, every day
  • buy tickets for €1.50 or less (on SNCF Connect or Trainline)
  • exchange your tickets free of charge—even if your train is full
  • play it by ear—adjust your plan whenever you renew
  • receive premium service and benefits as a member of SNCF’s Grand Voyageur Le Club programme
  • manage your pass right from your smartphone with the TGV INOUI PRO app

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The must-have app for business travellers. With TGV INOUI Pro, you can manage your journey—down to the last detail—right from your smartphone.


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Unlimited travel, every day

Tailor your Forfait pass to your travel needs.

Choose a single route or opt for travel anywhere in France.

NOTE: the nationwide Forfait is monthly only. There is no weekly version of this pass.

High-speed rail or classic trains? The choice is yours:

  • with a high-speed Forfait pass, you can travel on our TGV lines, at an average speed of 320km/h
  • with a classic Forfait pass, you can travel only on our classic lines, at an average speed of 140km/h.

Can’t decide between 1st and 2nd class? Choose a first-class Forfait pass to enjoy all the comforts our trains have to offer.

Exchanges and refunds

  • are free until the day you travel, before your train is scheduled to depart
  • are free for up to one hour after your train’s scheduled departure, provided you make the exchange at your point of departure for the next available train, for the same journey or for a journey included in the original one. Agent fees may apply.
  • are not allowed after your train’s scheduled departure
  • are allowed before your train's scheduled departure, provided the refund amount is greater than €5. Bookings cannot be refunded after the train’s scheduled departure