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Do you travel with TGV INOUI or INTERCITÉS1 at least twice a month? If you’re 16-27 years old and have a flexible schedule, our MAX JEUNE pass is for you. For just €79 a month,2 you can travel in 2nd class 7 days a week outside peak periods.3

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Keep your travel budget under control with MAX JEUNE

  • €79/month2 all-inclusive, for 100% of destinations served by TGV INOUI and INTERCITÉS1 trains requiring reservations
  • travel anywhere in France and to Luxembourg and Freiburg im Breisgau
  • booking begins 30 days before departure and continues right up to the last minute
  • 7 days a week, outside peak periods3

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Possibilities to the max

With your MAX JEUNE pass, you can:

  • confirm or cancel your journey starting 2 days before departure and up to 17.00 on the day before departure.
  • commit to MAX JEUNE for as little as 3 months4
  • enjoy carefree travel—MAX JEUNE is 100% online

Simplicity to the max

Download our General Terms & Conditions of Sale (PDF, French, 626 KB)

1 INTERCITÉS trains requiring reservations, subject to availability of seats allotted to MAX JEUNE pass holders aboard these trains. Departures from the same city are limited to one per pass holder per day, and you may not make more than six bookings at a time. Advance booking is free but required whenever you travel with your MAX JEUNE pass.

The MAX JEUNE pass is available exclusively to individuals ages 16-27 for 2nd-class travel. As long as your pass is valid, you may use it until the last day of the month in which you reach 28 years of age. You can use your MAX JEUNE pass for travel in France and to Luxembourg and Freiburg im Breisgau on select days aboard select TGV trains (excluding OUIGO).

3 Peak periods cover weekend departures (Friday afternoon/evening and Sunday afternoon/evening), high-volume holiday travel periods (grands départs) and “bridge” days (ponts) linking midweek holidays to weekends.

Download the peak traffic calendar

4 You are guaranteed a seat in 2nd class (except during peak travel periods). You must confirm or cancel your reservation by sending an SMS before your journey. You must present official proof of identity to the train manager. The initial term of the pass is 12 months. After you have held your pass for 3 months, you may cancel it, subject to a €15 processing fee. Beyond the initial 12 months, your pass will renew automatically every month, and you can cancel at no charge. To buy your pass or get additional information, please visit SNCF Connect or a participating authorized travel agent.