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Pro pass

Do you travel regularly on TGV inOUI, TER or Intercités trains on business? You can save 30% to 50% on every journey. Find out how.

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Choose your pass

Want to save 30% to 50% on every journey? Choose the pass that’s right for you, based on the frequency of your business travel.

Fréquence 30

If you make at least 3 return journeys for work every year, choose the Fréquence 30 pass.

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Fréquence 50%

If you make at least 10 return journeys for work every year, choose the Fréquence 50% pass.

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Personalized services, exclusively for business travellers

Pro Flexi

Exchange or cancel your booking up to two hours after your train departs1. It’s easy and it’s free.

Pro Express

Save time with dedicated windows, a direct telephone line and priority queues.

Pro Contact

Got a G30 guarantee claim?2 We’ll handle it within 48 hours.

Pro Mobile

Download the TGV Pro app to collect and exchange e-tickets and get the real-time info you need for a smooth journey—platform numbers, disruption alerts and more.3

My Fréquence (50%) pass paid for itself in barely three months

 “I head a consulting firm and regularly visit managers at major corporations across France. My first-class Fréquence pass reduces travel costs significantly, and I also save time, thanks to the Pro Express windows and my TGV Pro app. And before my train, I can work in the SNCF Grand Voyageur lounge. It’s the ideal office—a quiet, comfortable place where I can relax and prepare for meetings."

Badr, 37, head of management consulting firm, Marseille

Exclusive services just for you

With your TGV Pro Première4 ticket, you’re entitled to Business Première services Monday through Friday at rush hour on select lines5. We designed these exclusive services especially for business travellers—and you’ll still enjoy all the benefits that come with your TGV Pro 1st class ticket.

And you’ll still enjoy all the benefits that come with your TGV Pro 1st class ticket.

Accès Express: priority lines save you time in the station 

Use the Accès Express priority lines in our sales offices and during boarding. 

Complimentary beverages and newspapers as you board 

At the entrance to your coach, dedicated personnel welcome you with a complimentary newspaper and a hot or cold beverage.

SNCF TGV INOUI Grand Voyageur lounges

Located in major stations in France, our lounges are quiet, comfortable places to work or relax.

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Espace Pro Première

Our quiet, comfortable Pro Première coaches are the ideal place to work or recharge. Open to business travellers only, they’re available on TGV inOUI trains linking major French cities.

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Pro Première iDCAB

During your journey, we can book a car and driver to wait for you at the station—no matter what. Just ask your conductor. This service is available for an additional fee. 

Complimentary welcome beverage

To enjoy your complimentary hot beverage, simply present this offer in your TGV Pro app at any time during your journey—in our Grand Voyageur lounges, in the onboard café-bar, or at Paul and Relay shops in select stations6.

Buying and renewing your pass

Inside France, call 3635 and say “Pro” (You pay €0.40 per minute including tax, plus any fees charged by your service provider). Outside France, dial +33 8 92 35 35 35.

1 Pro Flexi offers plenty of options for exchanges and refunds. With this fare, you can:

  • exchange your Pro 1st or 2nd class ticket—or get a refund—in SNCF stations or sales offices free of charge, up to two hours after your train leaves
  • exchange your Pro 1st or 2nd class e-ticket remotely and free of charge, up to one hour after your train departs. Simply call 3635 (you pay €0.40/min including tax, plus any fees charged by your service provider) and say “Pro”1. You can also make exchanges from your smartphone with the free TGV Pro app, available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.
  • for maximum flexibility, exchange your Pro 1st or 2nd class TGV ticket, and take any train departing on the same day, even if it’s full. The exchange is subject to the after-sale terms and conditions for Pro fares on TGV and Intercités trains. If you exchange your ticket before departure, the conductor will welcome you aboard unless safety considerations require him to refuse. You are not guaranteed a seat.

2 Pro Contact

If you have a Pro e-ticket and need to make a complaint or file a claim under our G30 guarantee, simply contact customer service, and a dedicated team of advisers will handle it via e-mail within 48 business hours. Complete the form on line or from your TGV Pro app (choose Help & Contact, then Pro Contact).

3 Pro Mobile

Need to make an exchange or get information about your journey?

With our Pro Mobile programme, you can do it all from your smartphone. Our complimentary TGV Pro app is specially designed to meet the needs of business travellers, and it’s available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Download it and you can:

  • access e-tickets for your TGV Pro journeys or for journeys on Intercités Pro trains requiring booking, plus all the details for your journey, your loyalty card and your Fréquence 30 or Fréquence (50%) pass
  • use your mobile to exchange any Pro 1st or 2nd class e-ticket for an identically priced ticket, up to one hour after your train has departed
  • access real-time information to make your journey smoother: get your platform number 20 minutes before you depart, plus information on any delays or disruptions
  • enjoy our selection of complimentary digital news
  • access receipts and other travel documents (available from 24 hours to 60 days after your journey)
  • synchronize your journeys directly in your smartphone calendar, and
  • access additional services to make your business travel easier

And with our site, you can easily cancel your TGV Pro e-ticket or exchange it for an identically priced ticket from any computer or telephone with an Internet connection.

4 The following fares are considered as TGV Pro Première fares: Pro 1st class, Fréquence 1st class, Fréquence 30 1st class, 1st class group fares and discounted 1st class fares.

5 Services available Monday through Friday (excluding school summer holidays), at rush hour (trains departing between 07.00 and 09.00 and between 16.30 and 18.30), on the following high-speed lines: Paris-Bordeaux, Paris-Lille, Paris-Lyon, Paris-Marseille, Paris-Montpellier, Paris-Nantes, Paris-Rennes and Paris-Strasbourg.

6 Paul: in Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Dijon, Lyon Part Dieu, Lyon Perrache, Montpellier, Nantes, Nîmes, Nice, Paris Est, Paris Lyon, Paris Montparnasse, Paris Nord, Poitiers, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Nancy.

Relay: in Angers, Angoulême, Avignon TGV, Laval, Le Creusot, Lyon Perrache, Le Mans, Libourne, Lille Flandres, Poitiers and St Pierre des Corps.