Photo credit (banner): Géronimo Potier / SNCF

Fréquence 30 pass

If you make at least 3 return journeys1 for work every year, you can save 30% with Fréquence 30.

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Your Fréquence 30 pass

Choose the package that’s right for you, and we guarantee you’ll save 30% on every business trip:

  • 6 months: €119 in 2nd class, €169 in 1st class
  • 1 year: €189 in 2nd class, €279 in 1st class

And there's more: if your company participates in our SNCF’s Contrat Pro or Contrat Grand Compte programme, you’ll also save €30 on your one-year pass or €20 on your six-month pass.

Buying and renewing your pass

1 To calculate how fast the Fréquence 30 pass would pay for itself, we used the leading TGV Pro destinations and the full TGV Pro 2nd class fare at 31/12/2016.