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TGVmax pass

If you’re 16-27 years old and travel at least twice a month with TGV and Intercités1, TGVmax is for you. For just €79 per month2, you can travel as often as you like.

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With TGVmax, you can travel as often as you like and still stay on budget

  • €79/month1 all-inclusive for TGV destinations and Intercités2 trains requiring reservations
  • booking begins 30 days before your departure and goes right up the last minute

Simplicity to the max

Freedom to the max

My pass paid for itself in a single journey

“With the TGVmax pass, you can travel anywhere in France on a whim—even at the last minute—and still get a great deal. TGVmax makes TGV travel much simpler and more affordable. Taking the train is as easy as taking your car.”

Hélène, business school student, 23, Paris

More benefits

Seating to the max

You’re guaranteed a seat in 2nd class4
Fair play to the max: if you decide not to take your train—even at the last minute—please let us know! Release your seat so someone else in the community can use it.

Play by the rules5 to avoid getting a yellow or red card.

Destinations to the max 

100% of destinations served by TGVs and Intercités trains requiring reservations.

Enjoyment to the max

Buy a cup for €3, and you’ll enjoy unlimited hot beverages (coffee, tea and herbal teas) during your journey. Your TGVmax pass also gives you a 15% discount on select menus in your TGV café-bar or at

Travel to the max 

Make up to 6 bookings at one time

Buying and renewing your pass

On the Internet

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View our General Terms & Conditions of Sale (PDF, French, 626 KB)

1 Overnight Intercités and Intercités trains requiring reservations, except for 100% Éco lines.

The TGVmax pass is offered exclusively to individuals ages 16-27, for 2nd class travel. The pass may be used until the last day of the month in which the pass holder reaches 28 years of age. Use your pass for journeys in France on select days aboard select TGVs (except Ouigo) and Intercités trains requiring reservations, subject to availability of seats allotted to TGVmax pass holders aboard these trains. Departures from the same city are limited to one per pass holder per day, and pass holders may not make more than six bookings at a time. Advance booking is free but required whenever you travel on your TGVmax pass. Pass holders are guaranteed a seat except in high-volume periods. You must present official proof of identity to the conductor. The initial term of the pass is 12 months. After you have held your pass for 3 months, you may cancel it, subject to a €15 processing fee. Beyond the initial 12 months, your pass will renew automatically every month, and you can cancel at no charge. Each month we will debit your account for €79 including tax (excluding additional paid services). To buy your pass or get additional information, please visit or an authorized travel agent.

3 Offer valid for TGVmax pass holders. Present your valid TGVmax pass or a non-transferable e-ticket plus the pass holder’s identity card. Offer valid for purchase of one hot beverage in the “Tea, coffee & chocolate” category of the menu (except Monbana chocolate dairy beverage, excluded for regulatory reasons). Order must be placed in the TGV café-bar or on line via Valid exclusively on trains with on-board catering serving the entire French TGV network, except for Intercités requiring reservations, TGV Lyria, TGV France-Italy, TGV France-Germany trains operated jointly by Deutsche Bahn/SNCF, and TGV France-Spain trains operated by Renfe/SNCF). This offer also applies to menus that include a hot beverage: Pause Sucrée, Formule Réveil, and Formule P’tit Dej.

4 Except during peak traffic periods.

5 If you choose not to travel, you must release your unused seats to others at least 5 hours before departure, or you will get a yellow card. With one yellow card, you may continue to book journeys (up to 6 bookings at a time), but if you get two yellow cards within 30 days, you will get a red card, and you will be limited to a single reservation.