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Join the SNCF Voyageur programme

Do you travel regularly on TGV inOUI, TER or Intercités trains? Learn more about the membership levels in our Voyageur rewards programme.

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From Voyageur to Grand Voyageur Le Club

Our Voyageur rewards programme is free and open to all. We offer four membership levels:

  • Voyageur
  • Grand Voyageur
  • Grand Voyageur Plus
  • Grand Voyageur Le Club

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Levelling up

When you travel with your rewards card, your journeys are recorded,1 generating points that take you to the next benefit level.2 Complete 20 journeys within a year of your membership date, and you’ll be upgraded automatically, with exclusive benefits added as you move to each new level.

Earn Monnaie points

Once you reach the Grand Voyageur membership level, you’ll also earn Monnaie3 points that you can exchange for train tickets and other rewards.

Learn how your Monnaie points add up

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Join the SNCF Voyageur programme

1 Your journey counter is reset to zero on the anniversary of the date on your card or the date you reach your new membership level.

2 Monnaie points accumulate as follows, starting from the Voyageur level:

  • once your counter reaches 20 journeys, you’ll earn 800 membership points and move from Voyageur to Grand Voyageur.
  • to reach the Grand Voyageur Plus level, you must accumulate over 2,200 membership points.
  • to reach the Grand Voyageur Le Club level, you must accumulate over 3,500 membership points.

3 To accumulate Monnaie points, present your rewards card or provide your card number when you buy your ticket for a journey that qualifies for benefits. All journeys must be made by the cardholder. You’ll earn Monnaie points for journeys in France (excluding TER, Transilien and Ouigo) and for select international trains (for a list, please see Appendix 2 of the terms and conditions of use), provided the fare is higher than €9. Points are recorded 7 days after your journey for one-way travel; 7 days after your return for return journeys; and 7 days after the validity date for SNCF discount cards and passes. Points remain valid through the end of the 36th month after the date they are acquired, provided the customer has Grand Voyageur, Grand Voyageur Plus or Grand Voyageur Le Club membership status.