Connect to our WiFi aboard TGV INOUI

Learn how to connect to our WiFi1 and enjoy free Internet access during your journey aboard TGV INOUI.

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All TGV trains now offer WiFi. Enjoy free Internet access and discover the various services available to you on the WiFi portal.

How to connect

To go online, it’s easy:

  • activate the WiFi in your parameters and select the following network « _SNCF_WIFI_INOUI »
  • a window pops up automatically
  • fill in your reference number or your Mon Identifiant SNCF ID

How does it work?

Technically speaking, offering you WiFi aboard all our trains is no small feat. In order to allow you to get Internet access, installing 4G antennas along the railways or aboard our trains was not sufficient. So we have started using wireless access points from 2016 on, thus allowing you to surf online, whatever your mobile operator. To ensure an uninterrupted connection, WiFi access points have been set up all along the main high-speed rail lines, every 3 kilometers.

  • There are 18,000 4G antennas along the railways

  • 304

    TGV carriages are equipped with WiFi

How to best use our WiFi service

Thanks to our WiFi, you may :

  • read and answer emails
  • surf online
  • chat on instant messaging services
  • listen to music online

You’d like to watch the last episode of your favourite TV show, enjoy a movie or download a heavy file during your trip ? In order for all passengers - including you - to use our WiFi without encountering any connectivity issues, we advise you to download contents such as videos before getting on the train.

Discover tailor-made contents for you on our WiFi portal

Once you’re logged in, make sure to visit our new portal and browse through the many contents we now offer for a new onboard experience.You will find it here

Tous connectés ! A bord de TGV INOUI

1Offer available aboard our TGV INOUI trains equipped with WiFi depending on the coverage provided by mobile operators.