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Fighting the spread of Covid-19

The Covid-19 outbreak has forced us to reduce the frequency of our TGV INOUI, OUIGO and Intercités trains and connecting TER regional trains.

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To protect your health and safety, we have stepped up cleaning and hygiene aboard our trains and in our stations.

Staffing for remote customer relations—via telephone, email and social media—is reduced, and all centres are handling unusually high numbers of requests. We apologize for the delay. Please do not contact these services to ask whether your train will run. Rest assured that:

  • if you have a ticket, we will contact you by mail or SMS, no later than the day before your journey, to confirm or cancel your train
  • and Assistant SNCF provide reliable information on trains operating through the following day. Both services are updated at 17.00

Closure of ticket booths and sales offices in our stations

All ticket booths and sales offices are closed until further notice. Please do not go to train stations unnecessarily to purchase, exchange or get a refund for tickets on TGV INOUI, OUIGO, Intercités, Lyria, Eurostar and Thalys.

Coronavirus: Exchanges and refunds

Amid uncertainty over the spread of Covid-19, we’ve adopted special exchange and refund policies to give you peace of mind when you travel with us.

Tickets are exchangeable and refundable at no charge:

  • before departure. For travel up to and including 24 June, request your exchange or refund on line at, at an authorized travel agent, in a station, at a self-service machine or by telephone. To protect yourself and others, please make your request on line, from an agent or through if you can
    Free ticket exchanges and refunds
  • after departure. If you were unable to get an exchange or refund before your journey, please request a refund.
    Access ticket exchanges and refunds

Travelling with OUIGO?

We will issue full refunds for all OUIGO tickets, at no charge, for travel through 30 April.

Access OUIGO ticket refunds (in French)

Please note:

  • Due to high demand and slower operations, it may take longer than usual to process your request. If you are unable to get an exchange or refund on line before your journey, don’t worry. Rest assured that all unused tickets will be refunded at the end of the confinement period, even if your train has already left.
  • Grand Voyageur lounges and on-board dining will be unavailable until further notice. Please take the necessary precautions before your journey.

Suspended services

We regret to announce that as of Wednesday, 18 March, we are no longer able to offer booking and in-station assistance to people with disabilities and limited mobility, due to the Covid-19 crisis and the protective measures required by the French authorities. It would be impossible for our employees to provide this service in compliance with the new measures, in particular the requirement for social distancing. Please accept our apologies, and rest assured that we will restore these services as soon as France’s Stage 3 restrictions are lifted.

Working closely with health authorities

Since the emergence of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), we have worked closely with health authorities, and they have issued guidelines aimed at limiting its spread. 

We urge all passengers to comply with these guidelines.

Protect yourself and your loved ones from coronavirus by taking these simple steps

Protect yourself and your loved ones from coronavirus by taking these simple steps

  1. Wash your hands regularly
  2. Cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue
  3. Use disposable tissues and throw them away
  4. Greet others from a distance. Do not shake hands, hug or kiss
  5. Limit travel to the absolute minimum

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