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Travel with Confidence

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and French government directives, we’re taking special measures to keep you safe in our stations and aboard our trains. Here’s what you need to know.

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Planning your travel

To board your train, you must:

  • wear a mask 
  • have a valid ticket and identification

Your Covid-19 symptom-free affidavit form

Travelling to or from Italy? Before your journey, you must complete online and download an affidavit stating that you have no symptoms of Covid-19, as required under measures adopted by the Italian government to fight the pandemic. 

Complete the affidavit form on line

Sales offices gradually re-open

The SNCF sales office in your station has re-opened, though hours may vary. If you need to get information, exchange tickets, or plan or change a journey, please use:

  • the Assistant SNCF app and/or the app and website
  • the self-service machines near the entrance to your station

If you need to plan an upcoming journey, please make an appointment with one of our advisers as required by public health guidelines.

Make an appointment on line

Staying safe together

It’s up to all of us to follow public health guidelines, so that everyone can travel with confidence.

  • You must wear a mask in our stations and aboard our trains. Law enforcement and Railway Security officers will check for compliance at the entrances to major stations, and if you do not wear a mask, you are subject to a €135 fine.
  • You may purchase masks and hand sanitizer from vending machines and in-station shops. You’ll also find hand sanitizer in nearly 200 dispensers installed in 120 stations.
  • The SNCF employees on hand during your journey will wear masks to protect everyone.

Public health measures in the station and during boarding

To keep you safe, we’ve adopted new in-station crowd flow measures and modified our boarding procedures. Here’s what’s new:

  • Law enforcement and Railway Security officers are now positioned at station entrances to ensure that everyone wears a mask in stations and aboard trains.
  • In large stations, inbound and outbound foot traffic are kept separate.
  • New floor markings promote social distancing in waiting areas, under the main departures and arrivals boards, at self-service machines, on escalators and on platforms, and we’ve installed queue management solutions in front of sales areas and shops.
  • Posters and loudspeaker announcements remind everyone to practice social distancing.
  • We’ve stepped up cleaning and disinfecting procedures in stations and aboard trains.

Ticket sales

We want to offer everyone the opportunity to travel this summer, so there will be no SNCF fare increases.

To avoid having to wait in the station, please buy your tickets on line or by telephone whenever you can.

Assistant SNCF

Access the full range of transport options—train, car with driver, metro, bus and more—all the way to your final destination.  Let us take care of your journey, from booking to boarding.

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Exchanges and refunds

Through 4 January, ticket exchanges and refunds for TGV INOUI, INTERCITÉS and connecting TER trains are free of charge across all distribution channels.