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Free coworking spaces in SNCF stations during France’s nationwide strike

During France’s multi-sector strike, our partner IWG is making in-station coworking spaces available to you—for free.

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A place to work in the station—for free

Since 5 December, a multi-sector strike has severely disrupted rail traffic in France, making it hard for many commuters to get to work. Our partner IWG has stepped in to help, offering free in-station coworking facilities for passengers, wherever space is available.

Workspaces in leading regional stations and at Paris Nord

Our partner IWG has also opened its workspaces to you from 09.00 to 17.00 in these stations:

  • Amiens
  • Bordeaux Saint-Jean
  • Le Mans
  • Lille Flandres
  • Nancy
  • Paris Nord station

In addition, 120 more coworking facilities are available at no charge to professionals throughout France during the current strike.

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Free WiFi in SNCF stations

Free, unlimited WiFi is also available to passengers in our stations. To use it, activate the WiFi on your device and select the “SNCF gare-gratuit” network. Once your Internet browser has opened, you will be automatically directed to the access portal, where you will have two options:

  • connect to standard-speed, conventional WiFi (512 kb/s)
  • connect to high-speed “Ultra-Rapide” WiFi (2 Mb/s)

Learn more about our in-station WiFi