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Promoting cycling

Bikes are a powerful force for environmental protection, climate action, and public health. At SNCF Group, we’re taking concrete steps to promote cycling as a complement to rail. Find out how.

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We’ve got big plans for you and your bike. The French Mobility Act (LOM), adopted in December 2019, aims to boost cycling’s share of total travel to 9% by 2024. And at SNCF Group, we’re taking concrete steps to make life easier for cyclists. It’s all part of our role as a key contributor to the ecological transition in transport.

May is Bike Month. It’s a great time to find out how we’re promoting cycling—with secure parking, in-station repair classes, spaces for bikes aboard our trains, regional bike touring offers, and more.

May is Bike Month

In France, Bike Month (Mai à vélo) is organized by a group of nationwide cycling advocates with support from the Ministry of the Ecological Transition, the Ministry for Sport, and ADEME, France’s Environment and Energy Management Agency. Under their leadership, localities around the country join forces to encourage everyone to enjoy biking in all its forms throughout May.

The Mai à vélo movement is backed by 12 organizations, some of which are also members of the bike/rail stakeholders’ committee. We launched this committee in 2021 to create new solutions together and use shared indicators to assess our progress from year to year.   

  • 6

    Each TGV M trainset will contain spaces for at least 6 bikes

  • 95 %

    of TER trains have dedicated bike spaces

  • 9 %

    Under the French Mobility Act, bikes must account for 9% of all travel by 2024

  • By 2025, our stations will offer 90,000 secure bike parking spaces

More parking for your bike

Today you can park your bike in nearly 30,000 secure spaces and over 15,000 semi-secured or unsecured spaces in and around our stations. In partnership with France’s regions and local municipalities, SNCF Gares & Connexions aims to provide 90,000 secure spaces by 2025.

Under our Augmented Multimodal Space (EMA) programme, we’re also experimenting with a range of services to expand decarbonized mobility in 224 stations. These services include secure bike shelters, DIY repair stations, shared scooters, and information kiosks on places of interest, complete with biking distances.

Repair workshops at Paris Region stations

Do you use your bike for short trips in the Paris Region? Come to Transilien SNCF’s free workshops for valuable tips on making your own repairs and extending the life of your bike. Offered in partnership with non-profits SoliCycle, Véloservices and M2IE, the programme also gives jobseekers a path into the workforce by employing them as instructors. Workshops are available in 28 stations in the Paris Region through the end of October.

Travelling with a bike

You can take your bike with you aboard Transilien, INTERCITÉS, TER and TGV INOUI trains—even on some journeys to other European countries. Is there a charge? Do you need to book space for your bike? Does it need to be disassembled? Find answers at the link below.

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Explore France with our regional bike touring offers

Whether you ride a road bike, a mountain bike or an electric bike, we can help you discover France. With our partners France Vélo Tourisme and Cirkwi, we offer a wide selection of routes. Short ride or extended odyssey? The choice is yours.

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