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On-board catering

Hungry? When you travel with INTERCITÉS, you can savour regional French cuisine even before you arrive. Learn more about Nos Territoires Gourmands, our new at-seat catering service.

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Julie Andrieu x INTERCITÉS

Julie Andrieu—your guide to French regional cuisine

At SNCF, we’re dedicated to offering high-quality on-board dining options that spotlight local specialities. That’s why INTERCITÉS teamed up with food critic and radio/television presenter Julie Andrieu.

‘For over 20 years, I’ve been championing fun, accessible, fuss-free cooking. As I filmed my show Les Carnets de Julie, I spent 5 years exploring culinary delights in every corner of France. That experience convinced me that cooking together means meeting new people and discovering their traditions, their regions and the foods they produce.’

Coup de Coeur: Julie’s selection of delicious local specialities

While you’re browsing the INTERCITÉS menu, be sure to explore our Coup de Cœur selections, chosen by Julie from across France for their flavour and quality. There’s quiche lorraine, organic yoghurt with wild blueberries, black truffle-flavoured crisps and apricot juice—to name just a mouth-watering few.

Want to know more? Here’s the full list of Julie’s Coup de Cœur specialities:

  • quiche lorraine, by Rachel’s
  • spiced chicken wrap with carrot ribbons, grilled courgettes and tandoori sauce
  • sandwich of tuna, marinated tomatoes and mayonnaise on a baguette
  • organic wild blueberry yoghurt, by Invitation à la Ferme
  • lemon poppyseed cake, by Rachel’s Home Made Food
  • pure butter shortbread, by La Mère Poulard
  • genuine organic kettle crisps, by BCBG
  • genuine organic black truffle-flavoured kettle crisps, by BCBG
  • apricot juice, by Maison Meneau 
  • Schorle (sparkling lemonade with ginger), by Filles De L’Ouest
  • gourmet teas by Comptoir Français du Thé

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Discover Nos Territoires Gourmands, our new on-board catering offer

With Nos Territoires Gourmands, you can take a culinary tour of France right from your train.

This at-seat catering service is available on these INTERCITÉS lines:

  • Paris — Clermont-Ferrand
  • Paris — Limoges — Toulouse
  • Bordeaux — Marseille
  • Paris — Briançon (overnight)
  • Paris —Toulouse (overnight)
  • Paris — Lourdes (overnight)
  • Paris — Nice (overnight)

On daytime trains, our on-board food and drink trolley comes to you, taking you on a culinary journey that changes with the seasons. Breakfast, a snack or a full meal? There are plenty of options, and the choice is yours. On overnight trains, ask your on-board service employee about our snack and breakfast offers.

Find the food and drink trolley in real time

Need to find the catering trolley aboard your train? Visit the INTERCITÉS portal to use our real-time location service, available on our Paris-Clermont, Paris-Limoges-Toulouse and Bordeaux-Marseille trains. It tells you where the trolley is and which way it’s headed, so it’s easier to find our vendor and order your meal, drink, snack or breakfast

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Discounts1 on select menus

Save 15% on our "Le Gourmet" or "Le Casse-croûte" menu when you present your Avantage2 discount card aboard an INTERCITÉS train. Discount valid for one purchase per journey.

Got a Liberté3 card? You’re entitled to the same 15% discount when you travel on an Avantage fare at the weekend.

Order your meal on line

In a hurry? You can book your meal on line in just a few clicks. Order anytime, from 3 months to 1 hour before your train departs, and we’ll bring your selection right to your seat as soon as your journey begins4.

Pre-order your meal

1 To qualify for this discount, you must present your valid discount card. May not be combined with any other special offer.

2 Offer available exclusively to Avantage cardholders.
Learn more about our Avantage cards

3 Offer available exclusively to Liberté cardholders.
Learn more about the Liberté card

4 Conditions apply. Subject to availability. Offered exclusively on: our Paris-Limoges-Toulouse, Bordeaux-Marseille and Paris-Clermont-Ferrand lines; and overnight trains departing from Paris. For daytime trains, you may place and cancel orders up to 1 hour before your train leaves its first station. For overnight trains, you may place and cancel orders up to 12.00 noon on the day of departure.