On-board catering

Hungry? When you travel Intercités, you can enjoy a delicious meal without ever leaving your seat. Presenting Parenthèse Gourmande, our in-seat catering service.

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Parenthèse Gourmande: French specialities, selected for you

With Parenthèse Gourmande, you can savour regional French cuisine even before you arrive. Our in-seat catering service is available on these Intercités lines:

  • Paris – Clermont-Ferrand
  • Paris – Limoges – Toulouse
  • Bordeaux – Marseille
  • Paris – Briançon (night trains)
  • Paris – Toulouse – Latour de Carol (night trains)
  • Paris — Nice (night trains)

Our on-board food and beverage trolley comes to you, taking you on a culinary journey that changes with the seasons. Breakfast, a snack or a full meal? There are plenty of options, and the choice is yours.

Coup de Cœur: Local specialities you’ll love

While you’re browsing the Intercités menu, be sure to explore our Coup de Cœur selections, chosen from across France for their flavour and quality.  Enjoy organic whole-milk vanilla yoghurt, organic chocolate and hazelnut cereal nibbles, dry-cured mini-sausages and many more specialities. We’ve sourced them all from local producers and other partners chosen for their strong social engagement.

Intercités Coup de Cœur selections include:

  • Organic whole-milk vanilla yoghurt by Péchalou in the Dordogne
  • Vanilla apple compote with no added sugar, by Lucien Georgelin
  • Organic chocolate and hazelnut cereal bites by Lucien Georgelin
  • Broyé du Poitou pure butter shortbread by Goulibeur
  • Traditional fruit jellies by Lucien Georgelin
  • Organic rosemary and thyme multigrain crackers by Aline & Olivier
  • Genuine organic kettle crisps by BCBG
  • Organic Tomme cheese biscuits by Atelier Sarrasin
  • Dry-cured mini-sausages by Auvernou
  • Organic cloudy lemonade by La Boissonnerie de Paris
  • Organic raspberry nectar by La Boissonnerie de Paris
  • Organic IPA craft beer by La Brasserie Fondamentale (L.B.F.)

Browse our menu (PDF, French, 1.30 MB)

Discounts on select menus

Save 15% on our Dégustation or Classique menu when you present your Avantage1 or Liberté2 discount card aboard an Intercités train. Offer3 valid for one purchase per journey.

Order your meal on line

In a hurry? You can book your meal on line in just a few clicks. Order anytime, from three months before your departure to one hour before your train departs, and we’ll bring your selection right to your seat as soon as your journey begins4.

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  • What will you have with breakfast—Kusmi tea or Illy coffee?

  • Enjoy our pasta salad with roast chicken and Mediterranean vegetables.

  • Short on time? Our ham, cream cheese and cucumber sandwich should hit the spot.

  • Treat yourself to our chicken, cranberry and caramelized onion tartlet.

  • Kick back with an organic La Brasserie Fondamentale IPA craft beer—perfect with organic Tomme cheese biscuits by Atelier Sarrasin. (Please drink responsibly.)


1 Offer valid for all Avantage cardholders and one person over 12 travelling with the holder of an Avantage Week-end or Avantage Famille card. Discount calculated based on the Prem’s 1st- and 2nd-class fare and the full 1st- and 2nd-class fare for trains requiring booking (TGV INOUI and Intercités trains, except OUIGO). Discount calculation does not include additional paid services. Discounts apply in France (except for journeys entirely within the Paris region) and to select destinations in Europe. For TGV INOUI and Intercités trains, your card entitles you to a 30% discount based on the 1st- or 2nd-class fare, and a 30% discount on the standard fare for seven-day tickets on Intercités trains not requiring booking. For TER regional trains, your card entitles you to a year-round, 25% discount, guaranteed, provided the card is accepted by the regional transport organizing authority within its own area, and your discount may be as high as 50%, depending on the rules governing the region’s fare calendar. For more information, visit the TER regional websites.

2 Offer available exclusively to Liberté cardholders. Discount calculated using the Business Première fare (excluding additional paid services) for TGV INOUI and Intercités trains requiring booking (except OUIGO). For Intercités trains not requiring booking, the discount is 50%, based on the standard fare for your chosen class. For TER regional trains, your Liberté card entitles you to a 50% discount, provided the card is accepted by the regional transport organizing authority within its own area. For more information, visit the TER regional websites.

3 15% discount available exclusively for SNCF discount cardholders. Available on board only for purchase of a Dégustation or Classique menu. You must present your valid discount card at the time of purchase. May not be combined with other offers.

4 Conditions apply. Subject to availability. Offered exclusively on: our Paris-Limoges-Toulouse, Bordeaux-Marseille and Paris-Clermont-Ferrand lines; and overnight trains departing from Paris. You may place and cancel orders up to 20.00 on the night before your departure.