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Learn more about our offer, our mission and our commitments.

Our offer

Intercités offers easy travel throughout France, day or night. We carry some 24,000 passengers to over 135 cities daily.

82 %

of our clients were satisfied with their journey in 2021

Serving the public

Intercités trains serve leading French cities that are not on high-speed lines. Under our 2016-2020 agreement with the French State, we pledged to:

  • deliver more safety and security, better on-time performance, and more information to our customers, and work with the French State to update our equipment.
  • become a key player in French regional mobility with an eco-friendly transport solution
  • forge ever-closer ties with our customers by taking a more personalized approach, offering door-to-door solutions and creating on-board events.
  • innovate by offering more and more digital services

Our relationship with the French State

The French State is the organizing authority for rail service that supports economic development in France’s regions (Trains d’Équilibre du Territoire, or TET trains). This means that the State is responsible for developing and approving:

  • our transport plan and regional service schedule, including lines, number of trains and stops
  • our programme for upgrading and updating rolling stock
  • our annual service quality goals

What we do

As the operator of the TET trains, Intercités is responsible for:

  • operating and marketing our trains
  • managing and maintaining rolling stock
  • generating new ideas for our sales and marketing strategy, our fare structure and ticket sales

Regional development train (TET) agreement

French State, which serves as the organizing authority for TET trains, and the 2016-2020 agreement is designed to take our offer to a whole new level. It specifies:

  • the number of return journeys per line*
  • rolling stock needed for Intercités service
  • the division of responsibilities between the French State and Intercités
  • the formula for calculating the State’s contribution to offset the deficit SNCF incurs from operating TET trains.

* May be amended