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Travel is simpler with a TGV INOUI account

Your account has everything you need for easier travel—all in one place. Use it to store e-tickets, access discounts, manage your rewards programme, track your carbon footprint and more.

Access your account

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Use your personal SNCF identifier (your email address and password) to log in to your TGV INOUI account. On the homepage, you’ll find everything about your account, including:

  • information on your Grand Voyageur rewards programme, including the bonus points you’ve earned, special benefits from our partners, your rewards catalogue, and more
  • your e-tickets and travel history
  • your discount cards
  • your discount codes and vouchers
  • a counter showing how much CO2 you’ve avoided
  • your personal information

Tickets and journeys

Your TGV INOUI account contains tickets and journeys for these trains:

  • international carriers—Eurostar, Thalys, Lyria, Renfe and Deutsche Bahn

A single identifier for your SNCF accounts

Before you access your TGV INOUI account or any TER regional rail site, you must activate your SNCF identifier. With this one set of credentials—an email address and password—you can log in to most of our digital spaces, enjoying secure, easy access to your customer account.

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