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Nightjet: your Paris-Vienna overnight train, from €29.90

Board in Paris. Drift off to sleep. Wake up in Vienna. Fares start at just €29.90 with our new overnight train service, launched in partnership with ÖBB Nightjet.

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Save on travel to the heart of Europe

Rediscover the charm of overnight rail—and save the cost of a hotel room.

In partnership with Austria’s ÖBB Nightjet, we’re offering a convenient alternative for travel between Paris and Vienna, at a price everyone can afford. Cover the 1,400 km between France and Austria while you sleep, and get great value for your money.

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From inside France, dial 3635 any day of the week, 08.00-20.00 (cost of a local call). From outside France, dial +33 1 84 94 36 35 (cost of an international call, plus any fees charged by your service provider).


weekly return journeys between Paris and Vienna

Seats from €29.90

Reach your destination quickly and cheaply with Nightjet’s comfortable seats.

To get the lowest fare on our overnight trains, choose a place in one of our 6-seat compartments. Booking is required.

There are washrooms and toilets in each coach, and you can buy snacks and beverages from the on-board menu.

Couchette compartments from €49.90

Our couchette compartments are ideal for travelling with family, friends or a group.

We offer 4-person and 6-person compartments, and accompanying children ages 5 and younger can travel free.

This comfort level includes:

  • a blanket, sheets and a pillow on every berth
  • a washroom and toilet in each coach
  • compartments that lock from the inside
  • a “Viennese breakfast” of coffee or tea, a roll with butter and jam, and mineral water
  • a menu of beverages and snacks available for purchase onboard, brought to you by an attendant

Single, double and triple cabins from €89.90

Book a standard or deluxe sleeper cabin—the most comfortable way to travel on your own, in twos, or in threes. Standard cabins have washbasins, and deluxe cabins have a compact en suite bath with toilet and shower.

This comfort level includes:

  • complimentary welcome beverage, personalized toiletry kit with slippers, soap and earplugs, and fresh bed linens
  • wake-up service and à la carte breakfast, including a hot beverage with free refills
  • cabins that lock from the inside and outside

Travelling alone? If you book in a double or triple sleeper cabin, rest assured that women and men are assigned to separate cabins.

The benefits of travelling overnight with ÖBB Nightjet

Departure and arrival times

Train Departs at                               On Arrives at
Nightjet 468 Vienna-Paris                        19:42 Monday/Thursday/Saturday 10h
Nightjet 469 Paris-Vienna                  19:30 Tuesday/Friday/Sunday 10h

Stations served

Stations served

  • Paris
  • Strasbourg
  • Munich
  • Salzburg
  • Linz
  • St Pölten
  • Vienna
  • Enjoy a Viennese breakfast in your standard or deluxe sleeper cabin.

  • Travel comfortably in a single, double or triple cabin

  • Choose a couchette compartment for women only

  • Spend quality time with your family in our couchette compartments.


Experience the extraordinary architecture, food and music of Vienna

From Baroque to Art Nouveau, the Austrian capital is packed with architectural wonders, including the Belvedere Palace, Schönbrunn Palace, and St. Stephen's Cathedral. Take a stroll through the Prater, then ride the Giant Ferris Wheel, built in 1897. As you reach the top, you’ll get breath-taking views of the city and the Danube River. To complete your visit, indulge in a slice of Sachertorte, Apfelstrudel or another of Vienna’s famous pastries, and explore the city’s legendary musical life by visiting the Haus der Musik museum or going to a concert.

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Discover Salzburg—a Baroque city nestled in the Northern Alps

Long admired for its sumptuous Baroque architecture, the “Rome of the North” is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Start with Hohensalzburg, Central Europe's largest preserved fortification, perched high above the city. Then head for the historic centre to visit the cathedral or Mozart’s home. Ready to spend some time in nature? Take the Grossglockner High Alpine Road to see mountain landscapes you’ll never forget.

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An alternative to flying

When you choose ÖBB Nightjet, you’re helping to save the planet. Your train journey generates 51 times less greenhouse gases than if you travelled by plane1.

Whether you’re looking for adventure, green travel or a great deal, let us whisk you away! With ÖBB Nightjet, the getaway begins when you board your train.

The safety of our passengers and our employees is our priority. Please follow the guidelines below to protect everyone.

Travelling safely with ÖBB Nightjet and EuroNight

Please plan ahead. Before your journey, be sure to get the latest updates on timetables, official regulations, national entry requirements, and all applicable health restrictions in the country you plan to visit.

Good sources include the websites of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on Austria’s official portal.

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The documents you must have, such as proof of a negative Covid-19 test, may be checked aboard your train:

  • PCR tests are valid for 72 hours from the time the sample was taken.

  • Antigen tests carried out by an authorized provider are valid for 48 hours from the time the sample was taken.

  • Antigen self-tests recorded in a country’s official digital system are valid for 24h.

In addition, documentation for the 3 main Covid status categories (tested, vaccinated, recovered) may be checked aboard your train, provided it is valid for entry in your destination county. Everyone is responsible for complying with these guidelines. The Executive is responsible for enforcing legal requirements and applying any sanctions that may be necessary.

Before your journey

  • If you don’t feel well, don’t travel.

  • Thoroughly wash or disinfect your hands before departure.

  • For more privacy, compartments at all 3 comfort levels can be booked as separate (private) compartments.

  • To maintain social distancing, individual tickets are not currently available for 6-berth couchette compartments. Please book in a 4-berth or private compartment.

At the station

  • Please maintain a safe distance from others while waiting in the station.

  • We recommend wearing a mask from the time you enter the station.

  • Use all available entries and exits.

  • Before you board, please wait at a safe distance to let other passengers exit the train.

During your journey

You must wear a mask while aboard your ÖBB Nightjet. Mask requirements vary from country to country (surgical mask or FFP2), so please plan ahead and get the latest information on regulations at your destination. In Austria, for example, you’ll find the necessary information on the “Current information about the Coronavirus” page.

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You must wear a mask during your journey, except while you are in your own compartment, without other passengers, and while you sleep.

  • Every passenger is responsible for their own mask.

  • Please do not leave your mask in the train.

  • If you cough or sneeze, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or your elbow.

  • Regulations for using public transport vary from country to country. If you travel on a EuroNight train, please get the latest information before you travel.

Maintain social distancing

  • Maintain a safe distance from others, even when wearing a mask.

  • Please stay in your seat or compartment as long as possible before you exit the trainn.

After your journey

  • Immediately dispose of all used tissues appropriately and wash or discard used masks.

  • Thoroughly wash or disinfect your hands.

1 Source: CO2 Balance, calculation per person per kilometre by the Austrian Federal Environment Agency