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OUIGO España : your low-cost rail service between Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia

Our first high-speed rail business outside France takes you to Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Trains depart daily and prices start at 9€.

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Sustainable, affordable high-speed rail has arrived in Spain with OUIGO España. This offer has been enhanced thanks to a new connection between Madrid and Valencia. Ten trains depart daily and travel between the two cities. Travel time is 1h50 and prices start at 9€.

This new service is part of our offer launched between Barcelona and Madrid in May 2021 which allows passengers to travel between the two main cities in just 2h30 for 9€. Ten trains depart daily, with additional stops at Zaragoza and Tarragona.

As more lines are added, OUIGO España will carry between 25,000 and 30,000 passengers a day between Madrid and Valencia, Alicante, Cordova, Seville and Malaga—all with travel times under 2h45.

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  • 5

    daily return journeys between Madrid and Barcelona and Madrid and Valencia

  • 83 476 OUIGO España tickets available each week

  • 300 km/h

    commercial speed in order to connect Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia

  • 9

    is the starting price for OUIGO España tickets

Future destinations

Future destinations

The infographic shows a map of Spain with future OUIGO lines running across the country.

The line between Barcelona and Madrid, with stops in Tarragona and Zaragoza, opened on 10 May 2021. It is shown as a pink line connecting these cities.

The line between Madrid and Valencia, opened in October 2022, is shown as a pink line connecting the two cities.

Future OUIGO destinations in Spain, set to open later, are shown as dotted pink lines.  These are Alicante, Cordova, Seville and Malaga.

Sit back and relax with our customizable services

Enjoy a relaxing journey aboard OUIGO España's new double-decker trains. Our staff are available to assist you throughout your journey, and we offer on-board food and beverage service at the OUIBAR.

Standard tickets include 1 item of hand luggage and 1 item of carry-on luggage. You can also change the name on your booking up to the day before you travel.

Want more? Upgrade to OUIGO PLUS for just €9 extra and enjoy a super-comfortable XL seat—plus access to our OUIFUN on-board entertainment system featuring the latest box office hits.

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OUIGO España is an affordable alternative for travellers, encouraging them to choose a transport option that’s more eco-friendly than cars, buses or planes.

Hélène Valenzuela, Managing Director of OUIGO España

SNCF leads the way in opening Spanish rail to competition

For over 30 years, the Spanish high-speed network was controlled by a single rail operator. OUIGO España’s arrival is an important step in liberalizing the market, and our subsidiary will create 1,300 direct and indirect jobs in Spain. These include positions for drivers, train crew, and catering and cleaning staff.

OUIGO España made its first journey between Madrid and Barcelona on Friday, 7 May 2021. The inauguration was attended by Spanish Transport Secretary Pedro Saura, ADIF President Isabel Pardo de Vera, SNCF Voyageurs CEO Christophe Fanichet, OUIGO España Managing Director Hélène Valenzuela, and Voyages SNCF Managing Director Alain Krakovitch.

100 million passengers already

OUIGO has successfully delivered low-cost, high-speed rail in France since 2013. In 2022 we launched OUIGO Train Classique, a new classic rail offer at cheap fares. That’s why 100 million passengers have chosen OUIGO—an innovative, convenient, eco-friendly way to travel.

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