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OUIGO Train Classique—classic rail at cheap fares, even at the last minute

Enjoy the new budget-friendly, fixed-price offer on our Paris-Lyon and Paris-Nantes lines. Explore the many benefits of classic-speed OUIGO.

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Cheap fixed fares all year round

Looking for budget-friendly, last-minute travel between Paris and Lyon or Paris and Nantes? OUIGO Train Classique is for you. With this new offer, you’ll get cheap fares right up to departure—guaranteed.

Now low-cost OUIGO trains aren’t limited to our high-speed network.

With OUIGO Train Classique, you can travel between these great French cities—plus 12 more destinations—on our classic rail lines for just €10-€30 one way1, all year round. Children under 12 travel on a fixed fare of €5—the same as for our high-speed OUIGO service.

Affordable fares of €10-€30 for adults and €5 for children²

5 daily return journeys serving 14 towns and cities

OUIGO Train Classique offers a single travel class in classic Corail trains, refurbished and sporting OUIGO’s distinctive pink and blue livery.2 Booking begins 45 days in advance.

Once aboard, you’ll enjoy essential services: a reserved seat, one piece of carryon luggage, shared power outlets and a selection of snacks.

Starting in June, we’ll offer 2 return journeys between Paris and Lyon and 3 between Paris and Nantes every day—including weekends—with OUIGO Train Classique. Until then, choose from 1 return journey between Paris and Lyon and 2 between Paris and Nantes, every day of the week.

And both lines have many stops, with service to a total of 14 towns and cities, including many stations in the Paris Region. 


new stations outside the Paris region and 4 new stations in the capital area

Stations served

Travel time on the northern route is 3h30 to 4h15, with service to:

  • Paris Austerlitz or Paris Bercy
  • Juvisy
  • Massy-Palaiseau
  • Versailles Chantiers
  • Chartres
  • Le Mans
  • Angers Saint-Laud
  • Nantes

Travel time on the southern route is 3h30 to 4h15, with service to:

  • Paris Austerlitz or Paris Bercy
  • Juvisy
  • Les Aubrais (4 km from Orléans)
  • Blois-Chambord
  • Saint-Pierre-des-Corps (4 km from Tours)
  • Saumur
  • Angers Saint-Laud
  • Nantes

Travel time on this line is 4h45-5h15, with service to:

  • Paris Austerlitz or Paris Bercy
  • Villeneuve-Saint-Georges
  • Melun
  • Dijon-Ville
  • Châlon-sur-Saône
  • Mâcon-Ville
  • Lyon-Perrache

Stations served

Stations served

The illustration shows a map of France in blue, with the stations served by OUIGO Train Classique on the Paris-Nantes and Paris-Lyon lines. There are two routes for Paris-Nantes: one to the north and one to the south.

From east to west, the northern route runs from Paris Austerlitz station to Nantes with stops in Juvisy, Massy-Palaiseau, Versailles Chantiers, Chartres, Le Mans and Angers Saint-Laud. From east to west, the southern route runs from Paris Austerlitz station to Nantes with stops in Juvisy, Les Aubrais (4 km from Orléans), Blois-Chambord, Saint-Pierre-des-Corps (4 km from Tours), Saumur and Angers Saint-Laud. The Paris-Lyon line starts at Paris Bercy station and ends at Lyon Perrache station. From north to south, the stations served are Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, Melun, Dijon-Ville, Châlon-sur-Saône and Mâcon-Ville.

100% digital ticket sales

Like the tickets for our OUIGO high-speed service, OUIGO Train Classique tickets are sold exclusively online through, SNCF Connect (formerly or another authorized distributor.

For ticket exchanges, terms are the same as for our high-speed OUIGO service. You can choose a different date and/or timetable for the same destination, and you’ll pay an exchange fee plus the difference in fare, if any.

Over 1 million tickets offered to travellers in 2022, with 60% priced at €19 or less

Extras à la carte

In addition to your reserved seat and access to on-board snacks and beverages, you can add any of 3 optional benefits. Travel with:

  • an extra piece of luggage for an additional €5
  • a bike, disassembled and packed in a bike bag, for an additional €5
  • a fully assembled bike for an additional €10
  • Carrousel and mechanical animals on the Île de Nantes

  • Statue of Louis XIV on Place Bellecour, in the heart of Lyon’s historic Peninsula (Presqu’île) District

  • The Erdre River in Nantes

  • Lyon’s Confluence Museum, with a collection of 2.2 million objects from the fields of paleontology, Egyptology, archaeology, technology, the sciences and more

  • Colourful houses in Trentemoult, a historic fishing village in greater Nantes

  • Lyon’s Institut Lumière—a must-see for film enthusiasts

  • The mechanical dragon at Machines de l’Île, a steampunk wonderland in Nantes

  • The Mur des Canuts, a trompe-l’oeil mural in Lyon’s La Croix-Rousse neighbourhood


Save the planet. Take the train

As a leading provider of low-carbon mobility, SNCF has solutions for the challenges of sustainable passenger transport. When you choose rail for travel between Paris and Nantes or Lyon, you shrink your carbon footprint. On average, the rail journey generates only about 1/25 of the CO2 you’d emit if you drove alone.

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1 For adults, OUIGO Train Classique tickets start at €10 and are guaranteed not to exceed €30. Fares vary based on route and time of year.

2 Under age 12.

3 OUIGO Vitesse Classique has a blue logo on pink livery—the same colours as for our OUIGO high-speed service, but in reverse, so passengers can easily distinguish between them.