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All aboard OUIGO for your summer and fall getaways

You can now book travels to more than 36 destinations in France at budget fares. Plan your summer holidays and your fall getaways early with OUIGO.

Reserve your tickets now

Make plans ahead and save money

It’s time to start planning your summer holidays with OUIGO! Find out about our high-speed low-cost service and buy tickets at fares starting at 10€ for trips between July 6th and December 14th.

The earlier you make reservations, the more tickets at low prices will be available for you. Now is the best moment for you to enjoy our good deals and travel to more than 36 destinations. Make plans ahead for you summer holidays and save money. And why not plan your fall getaways and weekends while you’re at it?

Always more destinations at low prices

To celebrate OUIGO’s fifth birthday, new destinations in the South-East were added to our offer in December 2018. And on July 6th, OUIGO will also take you to two main stations in Occitanie, Montpellier Saint-Roch and Nîmes.

You may also plan quick gastronomic getaways in the South-West, as new destinations are being added. On July 6th, our pink and blue trains will start serving Toulouse once a day, with stops in Agen and Montauban on weekdays.


million fares starting at 10€

4 easy tricks to enjoy our best deals

Thanks to OUIGO, travel on high-speed low-cost trains all year round. Opt for these 4 solutions in order to get the best deals:

  • Plan your trips as early as possible knowing that you can buy train fares 9 months ahead
  • Sign up for “72h pour réfléchir”* on : by paying an additional 2€, you can option tickets for three days and thus gives you extra time to plan your trip
  • Get up early : the trains leaving before 7 a.m. are the cheapest and boarding only lasts 5 minutes instead of half an hour
  • Travel on weekdays and enjoy the most attractive prices on Tuesdays and Thursdays

*72 hours to decide