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Our commitments

TER partners with French regional authorities to create easy, reliable, sustainable mobility that’s connected and accessible to all.

Our priorities

We want our TER offer to meet your needs—which is why our commitments centre around three key areas:

  • intermodal regional mobility, with door-to-door solutions that make everyday life easier
  • access to the most reliable information we can provide, no matter where you are
  • up-to-date rolling stock, with new or renovated trains accounting for nearly all of the TER fleet

Our regional transport solutions

TER is a public transport service offered by SNCF on behalf of 11 French regions, which now serve as transport organizing authorities (TOAs). At TER, our mission is to create connections within and between regions.

Every day, our 27,000 employees serve one million people aboard 7,500 trains and 2,000 coaches.

The solutions you need

To meet the unique needs of each region we serve, we’ve rolled out three new offers: Citi, Chrono and Proxi. They’re designed to make everyday life easier, with more clarity, simplicity and transparency.


Our Citi offer delivers outstanding coverage to dense metropolitan areas with frequent service.

With next-generation design and increased capacity, TER Citi is the ideal solution for rounding out existing urban transport networks and providing fast access to the heart of major urban centres.


Chrono delivers fast, comfortable transport between major regional hubs, with regular service across a broad range of timetables.

Because this type of service attracts many occasional travellers, it also calls for substantial support and customized services. Now that French regions have taken over operation of Intercités trains, our Chrono service is expanding.


Our Proxi offer is designed to provide outstanding coverage to less densely populated regional communities—from peri-urban areas to medium-sized urban hubs to more rural communities.

Proxi delivers close, comfortable transport that’s connected to the French national rail network.

Transport organizing authorities (TOAs)

Since 2015, French regions have been responsible for organizing, funding and setting fares for their own public transport systems.

At TER, we work with the regions to create door-to-door solutions that offer easy, reliable, sustainable regional mobility for all, across the full range of transport options—trains, coaches, ride-sharing, biking and more.

Our goal for 2020

We’re transforming our operations under cap TER 2020, an initiative designed to forge closer ties to customers and help all of France’s regions share best practices. Our goals? Convince passengers to transition from private cars to shared mobility, lay the groundwork for renewed regional partnerships, and cut costs.

Faciliter votre mobilité en région

In addition to our presence in traditional distribution vectors such as billboards/signs, in-station staff, and self-service machines, we’re developing digital information services and remote sales.

When you use the SNCF app and the TER regional websites, you’re guaranteed to get responsive, reliable information no matter where you are—at home, on board, or on the go. Get real-time TER traffic updates and buy tickets in just a few clicks.

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TER traffic alerts

We offer digital tools that supplement our regional telephone information centres. When you sign up with TER, you have access to both the SNCF app and TER Flash Trafic, a free service that sends you an SMS or email if your train is cancelled or delayed by more than 15 minutes.

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90% of TER trains are new or renovated

Over the past 20 years, French regions have mounted an unprecedented effort to update TER rolling stock, and the fleet is now much younger. Today, some 90% of its 2,250 trains are new or renovated, including next-generation Régiolis and Regio 2N trainsets. These new models went into service in 2014, and we will continue to roll them out through 2020.

New TER trains

TER Régiolis

  • 204-354 seats
  • 4-6 coaches
  • 1 level
  • built by Alstom

TER Regio 2N

  • 349-766 seats
  • 6-10 coaches
  • 2 levels
  • built by Bombardier


100% of TER trains meet the STI PMR standard—a set of interoperability requirements designed for people with limited mobility.